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Halfling hobbit homes village 3D printed STL

The Rise of the Halflings Showcase

The Rise of the Halflings kickstarter is complete! All stretch goals and add-ons are available to download and print so we put together this display of the busy village of Wollockshire.

A top down view of Wollockshire
The Drakenarc makes a grand entrance on top of the Gaffer Guild Workshop
The Archanical Automatons with Barrel-Tech Sky Barge and Potion Merchants Stall
A Barrel Rider Bike goes in for repairs at the Master Builders Workshop as a Monowheel speeds by
Merigold Tealeaf sells the finest cloth from her Garment Merchant Stand
The members of the Gardener’s Guild
A gardeners work is never finished
The Druid gathers the Forest Rangers and loyal Halflings together for a secret meeting
Yorkey Radskull, a Gaffer and the Bargemaster discuss the important matters of the day
Swamp Wyvern riders patrol Halfling homes and Gaffers Guild Workshop
Dell Greenbottle serves drinks from the Whiskey Merchants Distillery
The Great Warlock does his rounds, with apprentices and Staff Bearer in tow
Cliff Wyverns swoop in on the Ranger Barracks and Gardener’s Guildhall
With so much progress its not surprise the Master Builders Workshop is right in the centre of town
The Dragon Hedgerow marks the entrance to Wollockshire

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