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Cities of Ramshackle & Ruin

Build the cities of Ramschackle and Ruin.

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The Cities of Ramshackle and Ruin is a set of 3D-printable models that you can use across a wide variety of games from Dungeons and Dragons to Tabletop battles in the Old World.

Offer ended at 2024-05-15 05:00 GMT+1200. Price is in USD. Sales tax may apply depending on your location.

The campaign offer has now ended. Late customers can still get the bundles but at a slightly higher price.

Welcome to our first on-site campaign, Ramshackle and Ruin. Featuring beautifully designed downloadable STL Files for your home 3D Printer

Construct entire cities with interchangeable levels and corbels with Ramshackle & Ruin.

Guaranteed Rewards: Unlike a crowdfunding campaign, our on-site bundle campaign guarantees you recieve all the models. With your Campaign Bundle purchase, you will receive everything listed, including items in the Models Tab. The campaign begins with a great set of models, and as more customers join, we will add more models to the campaign bundles. Keep an eye on the campaign page to see which models could be added, and leave comments and suggestions.

Swappable Levels: Mix and match building levels to create diverse structures. Print a single base and pair it with various tops to design a new building for every game session.

Interchangeable Corbels: Customize the appearance of your buildings with our unique corbels. These architectural elements are fully interchangeable across different buildings, allowing for limitless design possibilities.

Great Miniature Placement: Every building, from the ground floor to the rooftop, is designed for great miniature placement.

Cities of Ruin Bundle

Ports of Ramshackle Bundle

Cities of Ramshackle Bundle

Join our Journey through the city and help create more new models. The more members we get on board, the more models will be included in the bundles.

Check out the next models that could be added to the Campaign Bundle

Unlocked means the model has now been added to your bundle for free!

Ramshackle and Ruin models are scaled to 32mm Heroic and are ideal for 3D printing on an FDM 3D Printer with a 200 x 200 mm Build Plate. We also provide cut-down versions for printers that are 120 x 120mm Wide.

This offer runs for 30 days, during which you can participate by purchasing one or more bundles and providing feedback and suggestions during the campaign. As more individuals purchase the campaign bundles, additional models are added. Models marked as “coming soon” indicate works in progress, with all listed models guaranteed to be completed within five months after the campaign concludes.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: When you purchase a bundle in this campaign, you will receive STL files for the models as per your selected bundel/s. The free’ Unlocked’ models in your bundle will be produced and delivered over the following six months.

You have the right to print these models for your own use and for your friends and club members, but if you want to go into business selling our models for profit or publicly advertise that you print and sell the models, then you need to apply for a commercial license at [email protected].

Once you have downloaded a Printable Scenery model, you will get lifetime updates.

Please read our terms and conditions.

Cities of Ramshackle

The models below are included in the Cities of Ramshackle bundle

Cities of Ruin

The models below are included in the Cities Of Ruin bundle

Port of Ramshackle

The models below are included in the Ports of Ramshackle bundle

The Pirate Witcher Warband

The Resin Miniature collection add-on for Cities of Ramschakle and Ruin. These models are great for Warhammer, Mordhiem, and Dungeons and Dragons

Swamp Dragon Awakes and Prisoners

Bundles & Add-Ons

Here, you can select campaign bundles and add-ons from previous campaigns.

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What do I get when I purchase a campaign bundle?

When you purchase a campaign bundle, you will receive all the models listed in the bundle as soon as they become available. As a purchaser, you can comment on and influence the creation of new models. A campaign bundle is essentially a pre-order for all the downloadable models listed in the campaign bundle. Click on the models tab to see the models in the different campaign bundles

How are more models added to the campaign bundle?

The campaign begins with a great set of models, and as more customers join, we will add more models to the campaign bundles. Keep an eye on the campaign page to see which models could be added, and leave comments and suggestions.

When will the ‘coming soon’ models be available?

The coming soon button means that the model is currently being worked on and will be available soon to the campaign bundles. All the models will be completed within five months of the campaign’s end date. The ‘Add to Cart’ button means that the model can be downloaded now.

Is this crowdfunding?

No, this is not a crowdfunding campaign. This is a bundle campaign. The models marked as ‘add to cart’ are available to download as soon as you purchase the campaign bundle, and all the models listed as ‘coming soon’ are guaranteed to be available for download within five months of the campaign end date.

How do I get my files?

Once you have purchased a campaign bundle, you will see the available models in that campaign are $0.00. Process the products through your cart, and you will receive a link to download the models.

What are the models?

Models are 3d printable models or sets of 3D printable models that you can download and print on your home 3D Printer. They are delivered as digital STL files.

What 3d Printer should I get – (Size of build plate)?

We recommend getting an FDM printer with at least an 8″ x 8″ x 8″ printer bed. This will allow you to print all the models.

How do you provide small printer cuts for buildings?

The buildings are designed to be printed on an FDM printer that is supportless and optimized for a printer bed with a print volume of 200mm x 200mm x 200mm.
We will be providing small printer cuts at 120mmx120mmx120mm. Supports may be required for small printer cuts.
If you require smaller cuts, you can follow this guide. How to cut your models

How do I get physical models if I don’t have a printer?

Printable Scenery creates digital STL files for 3D Printers; if you want to purchase physical models from our licensed printers, you can find a link (get it Printed) on each product page.

Will you be providing pre-supports for resin printers?

Yes, where we expect people to print models in resin, we will provide the model with pre-supports. You will also be able to generate your supports in the slicer if you wish.

What if I want memberships from previous campaigns?

You can buy bundles from previous campaigns as add-ons, which will be available immediately. The ‘All 3’ campaign bundles are only available during the campaign

Who is Printable Scenery? – We were the first 3D-printable wargaming and RPG terrain site in the world. We have had many successful campaigns and have had great reviews from around the world based on the quality, detail, and design of our models.

Can I buy the products directly?

Yes, you can purchase the models individually; however, the best pricing is always via our Campaigns Bundles

In summary

When an individual purchases a campaign bundle, they gain access to a collection of digital 3D printable models released over five months after the campaign’s end. These models can be downloaded and printed on a 3D printer. Several bundles are available, each offering a different set of models.

The campaign runs for 30 days, during which individuals can participate by purchasing one or more bundles and can provide feedback and suggestions during the campaign. As more individuals purchase the campaign bundles, additional models are added. Models marked as “coming soon” indicate works in progress, with all listed models guaranteed to be completed within five months after the campaign concludes.

The last few hours – a preview of the City Foundations OpenLOCK pack

As we enter the final hours of our latest site campaign, I am excited to see how well it has been received. Your support has made this campaign successful and pivotal in how we bring our products to you. This direct approach enables us to deliver STL files to you more swiftly and efficiently, bypassing... Read more

More downloads are ready, and the Swamp Dragon & Prisoners add-on has been released.

Fantastic news, we have 1075 so far customers, and as a result, we’ve unlocked even more free models for you guys! We also have the next release of files available for download, which you can find by clicking on the ‘models’ tab. You can add them to your cart and download them right away.  Today,... Read more

Introducing the Latest 3D Printable Models: Blasted Trees, Meteor Craters, and the Ruined Longboat. New stretch goals were also added.

Download the latest 3D Printable Models Blasted Trees, Meteor Craters, and the Ruined Longboat. Create a blasted battlefield with our newest collection of 3D printable models! First, explore the mysterious Blasted Trees. How did they get blasted? Who or what blasted them, and why? Next, impact your scenery with our Meteor Craters. These ‘city street’... Read more

OpenLOCK Bridge Preview

Thanks to your support, we’ve unlocked an impressive 33 models in our campaign so far! Among these exciting additions is the much-anticipated OpenLOCK bridge. Following inquiries from several of you about the mechanics of the bridge, we’ve jumped into action to give you a closer look at how it all fits together. This bridge features... Read more

Thanks to your incredible support, it’s been an epic campaign so far!

What an epic campaign it’s been, all thanks to your incredible support! With 31 stretch goals unlocked, we’re now setting our sights even higher. Introducing a fresh set of stretch goals aimed at reaching 950 customers, and who knows, perhaps beyond! Ramshackle fences stand as essential additions to every wargaming table, adding depth and authenticity... Read more

The Botswains Bunkhouse unlocked

Thank you all for participating in our campaign. Today, another model was unlocked to add to our bundles. We now have 825 customers, and the Botswain bunkhouse has been unlocked. Email system update. Also, I updated the email system today, so if you have subscribed to the ‘daily campaign updates,’ you should receive this email.... Read more

The Witcher Warband Released – Featuring Swappable Weapons

Today, we’re revealing the Witcher War Band! You can find these awesome miniatures at the bottom of the model’s tab on our Campaign Page. There are nine unique minis in total, each featuring two dynamic poses. The fighting pose includes swappable weapons, allowing for customizable play and display. Each mini is meticulously designed and expertly... Read more

We have unlocked 28 models to add the bundles – City Foundations work in progress

We have unlocked another stretch goal today, the city in expansion. This will give you an alternate City Inn simply by swapping around the two lower floors and printing a few extra parts. Next week, we will be showcasing the OpenLOCK City Foundations. These will be an extensive OpenLOCK set. The City Foundations will include... Read more

26 more models have now been added to the bundles – 15 models available for download

Ahoy, me hearties! Listen up, for I bring ye news of treasure aplenty! We’ve unlocked 26 models, with 724 customers already sailin’ the seas of fortune. The first 15 models will be ready for plunderin’ with the click of a button. But wait, there be more! Tombstones, Ali peddler stalls, and treacherous shackle rocks have... Read more

23 Models Unlocked – Preview for Monday’s Release

646 customers have joined us on this journey so far, and as promised, we’re delivering big! 🚀 Because of your enthusiasm, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve unlocked 23 free downloadable models! That’s 23 additions to the bundles. Our first set of free models is primed and ready for download—mark your calendars for Monday because... Read more

596 Customers and more stretch goals unlocked

Hi Everyone, thank you for your support Great news! We’ve already unlocked 20 free models within the first few days of our campaign. Our goal is to hit at least 50, and we’re well on our way! But guess what? We can’t do it without your help. Sharing links to our campaign is the key... Read more

We have reached 500 customers in two days and have unlocked 17 free models

Thanks to you guys, we have unlocked more models. These should now be visible as coming soon models Ive also added a new tab in the Campaign Menu so you can easily see which models are now in your bundle. We are working on the coming soon models at the moment and should be able... Read more

Thanks to you guys, it’s been an incredible first day!

We have unlocked 11 free models, which are now part of your bundles Things are progressing better than expected, so we will need to start developing more ideas for free models; if you guys have ideas, please let us know in the comments on the campaign page. Thanks for your support so we can keep... Read more

The first of the free models are now part of the bundles

A big thank you to everyone who has joined so far, the Allyway Peddlers and the Tombstones are now part of the bundles!

Project Launched

We have just launched our first on-site campaign. The campaign will run for 29 days and we will try to unlock as many free models for you as we can.

Getting ready to launch

This is our first on site Campaign. It begins tomorrow.

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192 thoughts on “Cities of Ramshackle & Ruin

  1. just food for thought,

    the bad

    1. this is the first time you guys have made half the stuff in your advertisement of the campaign as a ” stretch goal”. it seemed like when a car makers advertise a car but then say in fine print at the end of the commercial that all the bell and whistles that they just showed off are an up grade.

    2. the question was asked multiple times about add ons and how it might help unlock the stretch goals. i think that it should have been spelled out for us in the top of the campaign or at least the faq. so that people dont make mistakes that only benefit you guys. one of my friends in our 3d printer/ maker club did just that.

    3. it also seems like you guys have moved more towards small piece meal add ons vs. a new building. i. e. we get a shelf and some barrels and you call it a brewery. or you gave us roof spikes separately that have already been sculpted. one of my friends said ” whats the next stretch goal, separate door knobs?!” compare this campaigns stretch goals to past campaigns like shadowfey were almost every goal was a brand new great building or sculpt.

    4. if you are going to have an add on that is part of a retrofit/ face lift for a building, i think ( and it is only my opinion) it should be shown by it self . not with the rest of the building that we already have. it seems misleading. and that brings me to my last point

    5. since this is now on your platform, i think it would serve you well to try and have more transparency. i suggested during the campaign that you show how many people were backing vs how many were getting add ons. you guys decided to keep that to yourselves. i dont understand why.

    the good

    1. the quality of the artwork and detail of the sculpt are beyond great. JFA is a master of his craft and will go down in history as one of the greats with the likes of jim henson and tim burton.

    2. i love the modularity of the buildings.

    3. everything has a very cohesive look and feel and it exudes character. i can almost smell the briny sea air.

    4. you guys were very active and responsive in the chat. two thumbs up for that.

    please dont take any of my thoughts to seriously or that they are meant to be harsh. i love you guys and i have backed you for years and years. i have most of all your stuff and use them in every game i host. they are a joy to paint and i proudly display them in my home. i only want the best for you and all future campaigns, here or back on kickstarter.

    p.s. feel free to not post this if you dont want to. it is mostly just for you guys. it is not meant for other people to “band wagon” on top of. i went back and forth for days about posting this. because at the end of the day it is your company and you should be able to run it any way you see fit. i have zero idea or knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes. for all i know you might have great reasons for those things i pointed out. i hope you and yours are having a great day and i wish you happy gaming

    1. All feedback is good, as it helps me and the team improve, so it’s most welcome. I’ll try to address each point:

      1. Good point; I hadn’t looked at it like that. I usually try to get ahead with the stretch goals to deliver quickly to you guys. Sometimes, I show them in the promotional campaign if they are early unlocks.

      2. I’ll create a FAQ on how that works.

      3. Mixing small pieces and large buildings helps build the town. People ask for all sorts of things to be included as stretch goals; sometimes, it’s a shopfront, and sometimes, it’s a huge Inn. We have many stretch goals, so we need to mix them up a bit.

      4. If the stretch goal is an existing building with new levels, the artwork is drawn on top of a black-and-white photo of the building. The photos of the existing buildings were the best way to show Johnny how I needed the levels to connect so he could make the drawings for me and the modelers to sculpt.

      5. That’s a good idea. We would need to add some ‘code’ to the Bundels on the right-hand side to show how many of each bundle people purchased. I’ll ask Ryan if that’s possible.

      Thank you for the feedback it’s much appreciated. I am busy creating the models with the team most days, but I’ll try to reply at least once per day.

  2. Would it be possible to do a video that shows us what levels can be mixed and matched? It seems clear that the different levels are meant to fit on different peg orientations, it would just be great to see the various options that you were thinking of when developing this campaign

  3. I was wondering if the Meteor Craters can have “dirt” impacts – not just the city tiles. I would like one of the meteors to land outside the city.

  4. *edit* solved! I found it was adding orders to my account in the background and it just the checkout that wasn’t working. So I was able to process payment through my profile->orders->pay once I found them and cancel the other attempts.

  5. I’m so glad I backed this campaign. It has just about everything I could want! I just need to find an Open Lock sewer system to complete the game table I have in mind. Thanks for making such excellent terrain pieces. They really inspire the imagination.

    1. They have them already for some of the first buildings. You can find them on each buildings individual page in the pictures. They list the name of the paint, a letter for the brand of paint and even the process. They do a great job!

  6. So, on Level 1-1 of the City Watch Headquarters, I have noticed lots of little holes, presumably for filament, next to all of the window shutters. Are the shutters meant to open with print-in-place hinges? Is this something we’re going to eventually see on more buildings?

    1. The City Watch headquarters Lv1 was the first model we made and we were originally going to make the shutters separate but found that the shutters and the building hinges were too fragile. Thanks for pointing this out. Will get this fixed to avoid confusion.

  7. Thank you for posting the painting suggestions on t he images for the products. Hopefully mine will look as good as yours! 😉

  8. Cool campaign! Is there any product to buy for the masonry floors and walls used in many of the backgrounds (such as shown in the background of the Blasted Trees pics)? Imagine it might be an OpenLOCK product but there are so many!

  9. More Stretch goals have been revealed and 3 products are available to download.
    Blasted Trees
    Meteor Craters
    Ruined Longboat
    If you have subscribed to our updates list you will receive an email regarding these tonight.

  10. Finally… I am in… (bank card issues… tried two of them and had to call a fraud department and, bless their heart, do some attitude adjustment about paddle and protecting me from them… but we’re past that!)

    Almost to 975… Well done going it on your own! I hope you and the contributors are happy with this achievement. I hope this can continue this way. I have an annual expectation of greatness now from your projects. ;D so far you and the contributors have ALWAYS delivered top notch experience and product, and support when we hit issues. Your post sale support has been lovely. Keep it up. Thanks for updating files. Posting change notes and I look forward to the email updates that SET THE STANDARD IN EXCELLENCE in regards to what’s done, what’s left. There is NEVER a question. TOP CONFIDENCE. I will always pitch in to support the cause (<3 Life willing and the files are rather nice too.) Suffice to say I get a lot out of it… and your rate of offering these campaigns often matches with my ability to participate financially. Even if I only ever print a half dozen pieces per campaign… I am not gonna stop getting them all. ;D I just print what I need when I think I will need it… ;D The unprinted ones are… peace of mind… (??? well that's what I keep telling myself! :D)

    1. That’s awesome, thanks Hunter, Thanks for sticking with us and for all your support. It really keeps us motivated and excited about what we can bring to you next. Can’t wait to share more updates and continue this journey with you guys!

  11. Absolutely love all of these, and I just primed my first building! One quick question though:

    On the City Manor, is the wall that’s separate meant to just be free standing or is there a way to attach it other than just superglue?

    Thank ya!

  12. Honestly the parts I am most excited about are the accessories: the bracings for ruins, the foundation pack, the chimneys, the alleyway pieces and rope bridges – all the items that can be kitbashed onto existing buildings to make setups feel lived in and unique!

    1. Yes, we have a set of Floors, Normal Height Walls, and High Port Walls. These will also be in Terrain Tinker. We should also unlock low walls, ruined walls, bridges, and stairs. I’m working on a big update next week with some screenshots from Terrain Tinker.

  13. I would like to see a longer modular dock (think sea of thieves outpost docks) that I can park my ships at im not sure what is included in the jetty pack but it looks kinda small for that

    1. I would like to see more versions of the vendors stoles without the crrepy creatures stuck in them (which are nice as well of course).
      Also woul be cool to see the shark as it is own mini. Or other see creatures.

      1. The shark does have its own mini, its an extra in the download files. You get a fin breaking water and the head. But more creature to hang on that catch of the day would be awesome!

    2. – waddle and daub versions of the buildings (that would make so many variations)
      – A roof for each level (then every level of each building could be the top, giving you either a low village or a high build city)
      – A small 2 level house that can stand next to each other in a row of commoner housing, top level (with the roof) could aslo be used a small dweling and the bottom level (with the roof) could double as a stone shed. footprint wise a bit in the size of the winterdale cottage.
      If you would make the botom level either closed or open (2 versions) at the front it would also be a artisan workshop. this would make a lovely city street.
      – A temple (no religious iconografy, just plain)
      – A shrine
      – A pump (big affair for the city square where everybode gets their water)
      – street texture roller
      – Strairs, ramp and steps (like the canal wall steps) for the Foundations
      – empty plinth for a statue (finaly getting rid of some old not so detailed models in the pile of shame), maybe in some differend sizes

  14. Out of curiosity, I know on Kickstarter people could buy previous campaign bundles and that would add to the stretch goals, is that an option in this campaign or are stretch goals unlocked only by the number of people backing the campaign?

    1. It’s about the same as on Kickstarter. But I prefer it as can focus on the website functionality rather than Kickstarter.

      I had quite a few emails from customers saying they prefer it. I think it’s because everything is in the one place.

      1. Yes, I like it too.
        Specially because I can start printing right away 🙂
        although my main printer just had a tragic accident and I am waiting for parts.
        I tried to build some of the buildings digitally, with differend parts, nearly every level is exchangeble?

        1. Not every level is interchangeable with every other level; otherwise, they would all have to be the same shape. But we have made them as interchangeable as possible while keeping them looking good.

  15. I dont know if that has been ever done by printable scenary before but something i would really enjoy is a stream to show the sketch of new stretch goals or the design of the existing one or maybe even a painting session. Something to reach new people while being a source of entertainement.

  16. Corbel suggestions – the seated dragon from your Warlocks campaign could probably be adapted, and would make for a nice tie-in/homage. Also horses – sort of Riders of Rohan style, and seahorses for a more maritime flavor. Perhaps a knight effigy from a medieval crypt could be adapted as well – for the Raiders of the Last Crusade tie-in, LOL! And finally, for a seaside town, you must have a widow’s walk rooftop with center cupola!

    1. Especially appropriate to design a cupola based on suggestion made on the 18th of April… That is the anniversary of Paul Revere’s ride for those of us in the USA – and the beacon that set him off was either in a cupola or a bell tower.

  17. Hey guys, I think I’m missing something. I saw you mentioned that some models are available to download right away, but I don’t see any download buttons after purchasing. Where should I go to download the models? Thanks!

  18. Good to be back 🙂

    Absolute neat desing and cool ideas. Looking forward for next items and stretch goals.

    My sugestion to buffer:
    – Some city statues (heroes, or gods, …)
    – Street baricades (junk for hide)
    – Some kind of small hiden arcane place, of small chapple for Dark gods?

      1. an empty statue plinth comes to mind, then you can place any old mini on it, most of us will have a pile of shame with some “hidious statue worthy” mini’s, same would go for a fountain.
        When you mention street barricades I think of lilac trees 🙂

  19. I have a question, it is said “Ramshackle and Ruin models are scaled to 32mm Heroic” but in file it is said “The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.” Which one is it? Thank you and amazing work again !

  20. Could you please make the Campaign purchase banner slightly smaller, it is very distracting when I try and browse and select what to print next 🙂

      1. I mean the one in the preview pictures of all my previous items, like shadow fey and such 🙂 that are new all over the site now very prominent.

  21. I’m kind of curious on how performance is going compared to previous Kickstarter campaigns. What I can find from KickTraq is that it’s very close to what it was with the Swamps KS (3% less backers). But with the 5% KS fee out of the way, that could still be better then just going with KS… Of course that doesn’t account for developing the ‘bundle backing’ component for the website.

    Most of us have been backing PS KS for a while, our previous purchases/downloads are very intertwined with the existing PS webshop, so we have no issues backing here (probably). What I’m wondering about is exposure to new backers, which KS is generally very good at marketing to (cross posting). Are you reaching out to gaming/miniature/STL news sites that generally mine KS for their news?

    Great stuff! Are we going to see more YT videos from behind the scenes? Those are often very entertaining and informational (not to mention inspiring)!

    1. Yes, I think you’re right about how it’s tracking compared to Kickstarters. We haven’t done much advertising yet, as I wanted to see how the whole thing would run technically on the site.

      We are getting quite a few people to share the campaign, which really helps unlock the stretch goals.

  22. I’ve been itching for a ruined boat for a long time, I really wanna see if I can print this on my resin printer, If I pay for the bundle does that get access to the stuff that’s available now?

  23. This is absolutly amazing! Rampage tiles coming back, awesome set and a new ship ruin.

    I have only one question, will the minis also be added to the bundle? If not where are they from?

  24. Looking through the models I was thinking some extra roofs would be nice, Many levels could be used as low building on their own, with the balconies as enclosed outdoor decks, giving to opportunity to build high or wide with the same models, turning it from a city to a small village without the need for many extra models.

    This really is your most versatile set yet!

    also the interior detail is amazing!

  25. Just downloaded the merchant guild.
    I got to say you REALLY outdid yourself this time around, where most intact buildings are rather useless in skirmish games because they are little more then blocks that stop Line of sight, even the intact buildings offer brilliant skirmish play options!
    also upper floors can be used as lower floors if you glue the balconies only to the corbels?
    Something I thought about what a “stairs adapter” a little plank or upside down staircase to a mini base can stand on the stairs.
    and maybe “blanc” corbels for kitbashers, I for example would love to do a bird theme or air theme for my sky port

    all in all you really made a set that can accommodate any table, love it!

  26. Thanks for joining us everyone! This one took a lot of work and love to get to this level. My experiences of visiting the Sets of Edoras when 16 and Lake town when 23 left a big imprint on me, and I’ve been working to capture that level of immersive fantastical teleportation for the Tabletop ever since, I think this Campaign is the furthest we have been able to push that yet. I play Mordheim, Battles in Middle earth, Age of Sigmar, Old world, Frost Grave and Dungeons and Dragons primarily, so I wanted to create the most playable and reusable set up to serve all those systems. who knows, maybe even my Empire Stormtroopers might find their way to this backwater planet to claim it in a future game too 🙂 thanks again!

  27. Nice to see some Resin print supports for a few things! I’m digging the boat. Where are the pirate miniature figures showcased in the video from?

  28. This looks really great! Solid start too. 🤘🤘 You better get those stretch goal models ready ;D

    Ironically I was just saying to myself about 20 minutes ago (right after I finished my taxes… a coincidence? no? 😂) : “I wonder what printable scenery is up too… and what was being planned next…” and low and behold here you are in my inbox not but a few moments later. It was meant to be!

    Happy to follow you here of course! Best of luck (and skill!)

  29. I’ll be joining you in a day or so 🙂 loving the format looking forward to unlocks, it there going to be bonus items and such like the old KS?
    I really like how I can start printing tomorrow 🙂

  30. Excited to join y’all on this journey! Just curious how the bundles purchased map to customer counts for the unlocks. You mentioned add-ons help with stretch goals but I couldn’t clearly see how that counts. I know on my end, I already own pretty much all the things, but hopefully we get some newcomers buying the back catalog. =)

      1. How? You guys are listing how many clients are signing up but not how many people are getting add ons. For example, let’s say I purchased two add ons from previous campaigns, does the tally for me push the overall count up by 3, ( 1 for backing this campaign and 2 for the add ons)? And can you guys please show us a tally for the add ons up top with the total of people signing up?

        1. yes, it adds the increment count for the add-on also but only one per customer regardless of how many are purchased.

          The unlocks goals are unlocked per customer increase as opposed to total value.

          So if you:
          Buy and add on = +1
          Buy a main bundle = +1
          Buy a bundle and an add on = +1

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