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Introducing the Latest 3D Printable Models: Blasted Trees, Meteor Craters, and the Ruined Longboat. New stretch goals were also added.

Download the latest 3D Printable Models Blasted Trees, Meteor Craters, and the Ruined Longboat.

Create a blasted battlefield with our newest collection of 3D printable models!

First, explore the mysterious Blasted Trees. How did they get blasted? Who or what blasted them, and why?

Next, impact your scenery with our Meteor Craters. These ‘city street’ craters can transform any idyllic town into a scene of cosmic cataclysm.

Finally, the crown jewel of our latest release is the Ruined Longboat. This versatile model can be placed on dry land or set in a watery battlefield. Whether serving as a mysterious shipwreck on a deserted shore or a ghostly vessel on the misty waters, the Ruined Longboat is perfect for enhancing your naval scenes or coastal explorations.

Also, today, we added four more stretch goals to the campaign, which we hope will reach 1075 customers.

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Matt and the team at Printable Scenery

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