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3D Printable Bridges for Wargames and Role Playing Games

3D Printable Bridges are a common terrain found across many wargaming boards, from historical battles to the far future. They provide safe crossing points for rivers, bottlenecks for soldiers to defend, and raised firing platforms between two elevated points. Whether they are solid stone spans, fabricated metal, or rickety rope and wood constructs, bridges serve… Read more

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Painting Guide: Sanctuary-17

Below is a painting guide for the Moon Base of Sanctuary-17 All the models were primed in Army Painter Matt White White plating Wash the wall section in Games Workshop Apothecary White contrast paint. Dry-brush with Army Painter White. Grey reinforcing bars, vent coverings, latches, floor storage. Base-coat with Army Painter Castle Grey, you may… Read more

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OpenLOCK developer information

OpenLOCK is a scenery building system that allows users to combine scenery elements from different ranges and designers. It enables users to build anything from dungeons to large fortifications. The current version is OpenLOCK 8.6.  Download OpenLOCK developer templates Footprint Code: this refers to the tessellation footprint for each tile. The standardisation of the tessellation… Read more

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