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3D Printable Bridges for Wargames and Role Playing Games

3D Printable Bridges are a common terrain found across many wargaming boards, from historical battles to the far future. They provide safe crossing points for rivers, bottlenecks for soldiers to defend, and raised firing platforms between two elevated points. Whether they are solid stone spans, fabricated metal, or rickety rope and wood constructs, bridges serve important purposes on the tabletop. Here are some of our awesome bridge STLs available to 3D print, and our recommendations for the best places to use them:

Ruined Bridge Spans

The Ruined Bridge Spans are perfect for dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic settings, like Mordheim and Frostgrave. They also work well for some Dungeons & Dragons settings, such as Ravenloft. They could work well as damaged docks for something a little different.

Hagglethorn Hollow Bridge

The Hagglethorn Hollow Bridge is a great medieval-style stone arch bridge, which would not look out of place on an Ancients, Medieval, or Renaissance battlefield. This bridge would also be perfect for any high fantasy game like Dungeons & Dragons, or Age of Sigmar.

Arcanist Stone Bridge

The Arcanist Stone Bridge fits into any dark fantasy set or Victorian period game. It has multiple height options that can be inset into high hills or blended with canal walls. This set also makes an amazing causeway to an elevated castle.

Rope Bridges

The Rope Bridges are a modular kit designed to be printed and glued to strings to create a customized rickety rope bridge, complete with broken spars. This is perfect for Dungeons & Dragons scenarios such as the Temple of Doom, or neglected settings like Mordheim.

Grotto Bridge

The earthen Grotto Bridge is a natural span perfect for use in deep caverns like the Underdark, or the windswept canyons of Thondia.

Rickety Bridges

The Rickety Bridges are cobbled-together rope bridges that look like they have been assembled by Goblinoid or Kobold engineers. They work well in the Underdark or cavern environments, spanning short gaps between raised ledges.

Bone Bridge

The Bone Bridge is the perfect accessory for an Age of Sigmar battlefield set in Ghur, the realm of beasts. It will also work well in a feral area of your chosen fantasy world.

Stone Footbridge

The Stone Footbridge is a shorter stone-arch bridge, designed to be inset into the banks of a river. This bridge would fit seamlessly into a historical or fantasy board, especially on the edge of a small hamlet.

Winterdale Bridge

The Winterdale Bridge is an iron beam bridge, great for representing more industrialized cities and countries in your Dungeons & Dragons games, or Age of Sigmar settings like Greywater Fastness or Waterdeep. This bridge would not look out of place in more futuristic settings like Warhammer 40K either.

War Tower Cross Bridge

One of the more unique stone arch bridges available, the Cross Bridge is designed to span between two War Towers, turning the individual towers into a linked fortress complex. The elevated walkways they create work great in fantasy skirmish games, providing good vantage points for archers and spellcasters.

Lovers’ Pool

The Lovers’ pool is a small vignette; a small self-contained eastern-style pond spanned by a stone and wood bridge. This terrain piece is a great addition to a small hamlet in a Dungeon & Dragons or small skirmish game, or on the outskirts of a small town in a model railway village.

Industrial Walkways

The Industrial Walkways are a set of customizable OpenLOCK bridge spans made to fit beautifully into an industrial gothic setting like Warhammer 40K. They are designed to line up perfectly with the Gothic Industrial and Cathedral sets, creating elevated walkways and bridges between the various buildings.

Elven Walkways

The Elven Walkways are a series of well-crafted rope bridges designed to span the gaps between the raised platforms of the Elven Trees. These bridges work great in high-fantasy settings like Lord of the Rings, Age of Sigmar, or Dungeons & Dragons.

Chasm Bridge

The Chasm Bridge is a variant of rope bridge made with heavy chains instead of the usual rope bindings, making them perfect for spanning gaps in more brutalist or dark-fantasy worlds like the Hells in Dungeons & Dragons.

Forest Forts

The Forest Forts are a rustic style of rope bridge using lashed-together logs instead of milled timber. These bridges are great for representing more primitive civilizations in games of Dungeons & Dragons or Age of Sigmar, and even work flawlessly as the tree forts on the moon of Endor in games of Star Wars: Legion.

With so many different styles of bridges, there is an STL here for whatever style of wargaming board you are looking to design. Many of these bridges are designed for place-and-play, and since they work well in multiple genres, make great additions to your universal terrain boxes.

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