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Arcanist’s Stone Bridge


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The Arcanist’s Stone Bridge is a modular system of spans for creating expansive bridges. This is compatible with the Arcanist’s Stone Canal Walls. and designed to match the Arcanist’s Tower and the Arcanist’s Stone Walls.

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This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer.


The Arcanist conducted great soirees where all manner of aristocrats or magical beings in their fanciest dresses were able to lounge across spanned bridges across majestic canals and waterways, connecting the vast grounds together.


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  • First Published version 1.0


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2 questions for Arcanist’s Stone Bridge

  1. yith (verified owner)

    You say this is compatible with the Stone canal. Though whilst the styling is similar, the openlock clips don’t line up. Also you can’t have the bridge work with the canal pieces as the side of the canal.

    I’d expect to be able to butt A-Canal-Wall up against Arcanist-Stone-Bridge-D, but it won’t do it due to the ornamental brickwork on the bridge part.

    I’d have thought there would be an Arcanist-Stone-Bridge-D with openlock cliks to clip to A-Canal-Wall.

    • Mike

      Hi Yith,

      Thanks for bringing this up with us. Unfortunately, if we were to put OpenLOCK clips on the bridge piece’s side, it would compromise the bridge’s design in its normal setup, as you wouldn’t then be able to use the connecting ports on the front/back of the piece.
      If you have a look at the TerrainTinker program that’s in development, you’ll be able to merge the pieces and print them as one piece instead, solving both of your issues!

  2. yith (verified owner)


    Thanks… I have backed the Terrain Tinker kickstarter and await the various stuff being added.

    However I don’t think these files are in the roadmap, being so new and not part of the listed sets.

    When will they be added?

    • Mike

      Hi Yith,

      One of the features of TerrainTinker is that you’ll be able to import them into the program and scale/combine them as you please, so as soon as it’s live you’ll be sorted!
      Because these pieces are OpenLOCK already it will be really easy to make sure they’re in scale and will print through it.

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