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Ramshackle Outhouse and Stable


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The Ramshackle Outhouse and Stable are a pair of small outbuildings perfect for adding character to your 3D printer models. Each prints in FDM and the Stables roof can be removed to access the interior.

This model is part of the Cities of Ramshackle & Ruin Campaign

This product is part of the Ramshackle, Ruin and Port (All 3 bundles) or Cities of Ramshackle. Please log in if you backed the campaign.

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing 3d printer files (STL files) for use on a home 3D Printer.


Being built out into the harbor, the stone foundations of the Port city have a reasonably adequate sewer system allowing for most structures to support simple outhouses. Stables too are common structure, used keep livestock, barreled and crated goods dry between transit.

Notes for Ramshackle Outhouse and Stable STL:

  • Right-click on the image below and “Save As” to download the reference sheet for this pack.
  • Important: This product is scaled to 32mm. To print it at 28mm to match other 28mm terrain, scale to 90%.
  • Wood post sliders included in the download for those who want to attach these models to the Ramshackle buildings.
  • Resin Pre-support is included in the download.
  • Product measurements can be found in the image gallery.
  • First Published version 1.2

Ramshackle Outhouse and Stable STL

Additional information


100% for resin printing, 10% to 15% for most parts but increase to 20% for thin upright parts such as door frames for added strength

Layer Height

0.05 high quality on resin printers, .2 for Normal Quality .1 for High Quality (.2 Layer height is recommended)


Prints without Supports, Resin Pre-support included in the download.


32mm 1:61


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