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OpenLOCK City Foundations builders pack

City Foundations Model Release

Hi everyone, today we released the City Foundations.

The City Foundation Set is an extensive collection of walls and floors that enable you to craft your city foundations. The standard City Foundation walls are two inches in size, providing a versatile framework for your designs. For those looking to add a second level, the Foundation High walls offer extra height, allowing floors to be placed seamlessly against them.

The low walls and floor edges are perfect for adding pavements and unique touches to your layout.

Transform your setting into a bustling harbor with the Foundation’s port walls, complete with chain links and bollards, to add a realistic maritime feel.

The stairs are designed to either fit into the OpenLOCK systems or be placed as scatter-terrain.

OpenLOCK City Foundations builders pack
OpenLOCK City Foundations builders pack

We also have a ruined version of the walls and the bridge in progress.

Thanks for your support

Matt and the team at Printable Scenery

4 thoughts on “City Foundations Model Release

  1. Hi there. I might be missing something obvious, but I cannot see how to build a structure with the walls and floors. While the walls have openlock slots to join them together, when adding a floor at the top of the wall (to create a raised level) how does that join? Is it as simple as glue it together?

    When creating large raised flat areas, I assume you use something to support the ‘innards’ – do you just use additional wall sections, or fill with XPS/foamboard? How did you intend for it to work?

    I guess I am saying that while I can do my own thing, some form of construction guide would be helpful to see what the design intent was. Great models by the way 🙂

    1. The Best way is to use XPS/Foamboard under the raised floors. This is the only effective method for creating strong city foundations. There are no OpenLOCK ports on the inside of the walls, so you can set your floor height where you want to without worrying about where the locking holes are.

      I’m working on a blog to show how we did ours. It’s a very effective way of building multi-level city foundations

      1. I was looking forward to this set. A bit diissapointed that it is not fully open lock in a sense that i need extra materials to put it together. My personal preference would be to sacrifice a little bit of flexibility but hae no need for extra materials. That’s just me tho. Objectively tho, I think it should be clearly mentioned in description of the product that it will require extra things to achieve result shown on picture. Currently it mentiones that elements connect through OpenLock

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