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The last few hours – a preview of the City Foundations OpenLOCK pack

As we enter the final hours of our latest site campaign, I am excited to see how well it has been received. Your support has made this campaign successful and pivotal in how we bring our products to you. This direct approach enables us to deliver STL files to you more swiftly and efficiently, bypassing third-party platforms like Kickstarter. This shift promises a more streamlined experience for all of you as we continue to do our best to innovate in the world of 3D printing for gaming.

City Foundations OpenLOCK Pack (Included in the Port of Ramshackle)

I’ve been working with the team over the last few months on the City Foundations OpenLOCK pack, soon to be available not only on the Printable Scenery website but also through This pack is a versatile set that includes various components such as stairs, standard and extra-large walls, dock walls, edging strips, and a complete set of floors. We are excited to expand this range with upcoming additions like ruined versions and graveyard, all compatible with the OpenLOCK system.

One of the most exciting aspects of the City Foundations pack is its adaptability. While designed for medieval and fantasy urban landscapes, these pieces can seamlessly transition into dungeon layouts. This flexibility is great for Wargamers and Dungeons & Dragons players who enjoy customizing their gaming environments.

3D Printable Dungeon Tiles and City Foundations

Our City Foundations pack leverages the same high-quality brick patterns used in our King & Country series, ensuring that each piece looks realistic when assembled. The deep grout patterns in the floors are designed for those who wish to customize further, offering the option to grout the tiles for an even more authentic look. Check out the Terrain Tinker Renders below.

Thinking about possible future campaigns, I recognize that the City Foundations pack might soon evolve beyond its original purpose. We are actively exploring potential ideas on how we could best maximize the usefulness of this set for you guys.

So, here we are, the last few hours.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you once again to everyone who has supported us through this campaign and beyond. Your passion for gaming and your support for our campaigns decide what Printable Scenery can accomplish. As long as you’re with us, we will continue to do our best to develop new and exciting STL files for Wargames and Roleplaying Games.

Thank you for being a part of our community and supporting our campaign.

Matt and the team at Printable Scenery

7 thoughts on “The last few hours – a preview of the City Foundations OpenLOCK pack

  1. Love being a part of it as ever!
    a suggestion for the foundations:
    Thin versions with only one textured side and no openlock.
    These would be cheap and fast to print to line huge blocks of cardboard/wood or styrofoam to make huge risers
    I modified the arcanist walls to do this, I will put up some pictures on FB to show what I mean 🙂

      1. Hollow boxes to print that are already the same size footprint as the pieces, for use in making tiered stone platforms, would not be amiss either.

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