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Thanks to you guys, it’s been an incredible first day!

We have unlocked 11 free models, which are now part of your bundles

Things are progressing better than expected, so we will need to start developing more ideas for free models; if you guys have ideas, please let us know in the comments on the campaign page.

Thanks for your support so we can keep making awesome models for you guys.

Matt and the team at Printable Scenery

14 thoughts on “Thanks to you guys, it’s been an incredible first day!

    1. If that does not end up being à thing, i recommend a video they posted about printing shipwreck. Basicly sinking it into the plate and rotating it make it look like many models

  1. A plague pit
    A jail
    A shipyard
    A statue/fountain/ornement of some kind in a very bad state
    A standalone fisherman boat

    And my favorite, in honor of the king in yellow, a creepy artist shop

  2. A foundry
    A blacksmith shop
    A glass blowing shop
    A lumber mill
    A grain mill
    A wind mill
    A pottery shop
    A variety of smaller ships/rafts
    A variety of wood and stone bridge pieces – draw bridge

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