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Rise of the Halflings Scenario: The Halfling Tree Forts & Defenses

When the Warlock first bound the Great Wyrm to his will and established his position among the thankful folk whom he had rescued, the Halfing Druid who the village once looked to for leadership took his leave of the new regime, retreating to the ancient grove of trees deep in the woods that were left after the Dragons devastation. As the years passed, and the grand Archanical city of Wollockshire grew to tower over the rebuilt village of the Halflings, more and more of its residents left the bustle of the city to seek out the old Druid and keep the old ways and customs of a simpler time.  

As the following of the Druid grew, the treetops of the ancient grove filled with the platforms and shelters to house them. With the metal works of the foundries left behind, the construction of this new township would be of wind fallen branches bound by ropes. A tranquil setting for those who never asked for the future given them by the Warlock. Over the past hundred years, these tree-top platforms and buildings have grown and become interconnected, stretching out from the nexus of the Druids Palace and Rangers Barracks into the woods around. With the threat from the city starting to grow defenses have been set up to protect the perimeter of the Forest Fort. They should never be needed, as the Halfling Rangers work to maneuver would-be threats away from the camouflaged defenses, but they are monitored just in case someone should slip through the screen and approach this safe haven.

Here are the links to download the Forest Fort, Forest Fort Expansion and Defences.

Encounter at the Forest Forts Outer Defenses page 1

Encounter at the Forest Forts Outer Defenses page 2

Encounter at the Forest Forts Outer Defenses page 3

These are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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