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3D Printable Furniture For Wargames, Role-playing Games, And Dioramas.

3D printed furniture is a great way to level up your wargames and roleplaying games. Turn a building into a tavern, have a party member throw a chair, or place the furniture in a diorama or dollhouse. Printable Scenery has furniture for every genre, perfect for battlefields, dungeons, dollhouses, or model railways.

Wasteworld Home Starter Kit & Scrapyard

Inhabit a post-apocalyptic diorama or battle map with the furniture in the Wasteworld Home Starter Kit & Wasteworld Scrapyard. Scatter is crucial in games like Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, so furniture and fences are great for adding small patches of cover. They’re also perfect for base building in Fallout, Gamma World, or Tiny Wasteland RPGs.

Clorehaven Fantasy Sets

Clorehaven was made with Dungeons & Dragons at the forefront, meaning furniture was a massive focus! Smithy’s tools, Chapel Chattels, Library Furnishings, Torture Tools, Elegant, Sturdy, and Simple Furniture. Clorehaven has anything you would need for fantasy buildings or doll houses. Even the Simple Furniture works great at the platform cafe of a model railway set!

City Furnishings

The well-made furniture of the City Furnishings set looks just as good in a doll’s house as in a high-fantasy RPG game. they are perfect for representing the interior of a wealthy mage or burgomeister’s house, especially in RPGs like Age of Sigmar: Soulbound or Dungeons & Dragons.

Sanctuary Moonbase Furniture

Exoplanet bases and starship interiors are a mainstay in Sci-Fi RPGs. the Mess Hall, Command Center, Modern Furniture, Terreria, and Medical Facility have everything you need to equip a spaceship or base. They’re perfect for sci-fi RPGs like Star Trek, Star Wars, or Far Future Enterprises.

Hagglethorn Hollow Furnishings

Wonky and whimsical, the Hagglethorn Hollow Furnishings are, like its namesake, slipshod and oddly proportioned. These pieces of fanciful terrain are great additions to a madman’s lair or a Henson-Esque RPG setting.

Gothic Cathedral Pulpit and Pews

The Pulpit and Pew sets are a perfect fit for the gothic dystopia of the Warhammer 40K universe. Use them as scatter terrain in a ruined church or cathedral to provide some extra cover for your troops. Any cathedral Diorama or RPG scenario would benefit from the addition of these models.


Firepits, Bedrolls, tents, and wagons. Every night adventuring parties go to bed, not knowing if they will be attacked in the night. The Travelers Camp and Travelers Camp 2 look great in any fantasy RPG setting. Slightly more whimsical, the Forest Rangers Furnishings are designed for Halflings but work wonderfully for any high-fantasy game.

Necromancers Pulpit

A seriously hard-rock pulpit. The Necromancers Pulpit is perfect for Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder villains to monologue from before the final confrontation.


When the revolution arrives (or an invading army) the barricades go up! Furniture turned into defensive barriers, the barricades turn small streets into fortresses. The Hagglethorn Barricades, Clorehaven Barricades and Junkfort Barricades all provide thematic cover for games of Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, D&D, and Fallout: Wasteland Warfare.

Arcane Workstations

Truly marvelous creations in any high fantasy game. The Arcane Workstations perfectly complement a powerful wizards tower or make great objective tokens in games of Age of Sigmar. There is a device here for every type of magic in D&D, so no two wizards need to share the same resources.

Rise of the Halflings Merchant’s Stalls

A Dungeons & Dragons staple! Every party needs a place to spend their hard-won gold, and the wandering merchant’s stands are ready to take those valuable coins. With a potions specialist, a clothes and armor vendor, and a wandering tavern, there is something for all parties here. They even have rules for use in D&D 5e!

With so many different furniture styles, there is an STL file for almost every system you could want. Many of these files work equally well in RPGs as dioramas, and since they work well in multiple genres, they make great additions to your encounter terrain collection.

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