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Chapel Chattels


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The Library Furniture set contains six pieces to assemble pews, pulpits, altars, chairs and candlesticks. These are designed to be used with the Clorehaven Chapel Expansion set, but also can be used for populating scenes in chapels, churches and temples for tabletop skirmish and role-playing games.

This set is designed to print on FDM printers at 0.1 resolution.

This product is part of the Clorehaven. Please log in if you backed the campaign.

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer.


A solid altar to perform rituals, a pulpit to preach the sermons, hard pews for the pious masses and soft chairs for clergy administrators.

To build the Chapel as pictured you will require pieces from other sets including Rustic Stone FloorsRustic Stone and Wood StairsSchist WallsTudor WallsClorehaven Chapel Expansion and Clip Cap sets. To assemble the Chapel and other buildings of Clorehaven you can download the Assembly Guides.


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Additional information



Layer Height

.1 high quality


Prints without Supports

3 questions for Chapel Chattels

  1. brian.mike.allen (verified owner)

    can the Pew be printed without supports?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Yes the pew can be printed without supports, there is a little bit of stinging that can be removed easily with a craft knife.

  2. jamiep.white (verified owner)

    The pew is prone to failure during printing. I printed two batches of pews, the first batch 3 of 6 failed during printing and the second batch 4 of 4 failed. All seem to have failed due to adhesion failure to the bed likely caused by stray filament floating around from stringing. I was using a Prusa MK3S with black Inland PLA filament printed at 215C and a .2 mm layer height. The other parts all printed fine. Can you add a version of the pew with bigger feet?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      If you’re using a Prusa, adhesion issues can be helped with printing on a raft or with a brim and printing at the recommended print settings of 0.1. These were test printed on both Creality Ender 3 and Prusa i3 Mk3.

  3. jamiep.white (verified owner)

    Switched to using a brim and printed at .1 mm height, 4 of 4 were good. Thank you

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