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Clorehaven Assembly Guides

To assemble any of the Clorehaven buildings you can download the following assembly diagrams:

There will be additional diagrams added for the rest of the core pledges and each building stretch goal.

Download the Rampage Base Pack for free to get the latest version of the OpenLOCK clip.

41 thoughts on “Clorehaven Assembly Guides

  1. Hi,

    Maybe a noob question incoming, I appologize if so 🙂

    How are we supposed to assemble the Door, Doorway and beam ?
    Should we have to put a wire or something else in the hole and the glue the beam on top of the doorway once the door is in place ?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. The roof beam can be glued beforehand and set to dry, then you can run filament or wire through the hole in the top and door like a hinge pin and glue the top part to hole it in place.

  2. Hi,

    Maybe some mistakes in tavern level 2 assembly guide :

    Piece n°11 is referenced as IA-Balcony instead of G-Balcony.
    Piece n°13 is referenced as HG-Bacony instead of IA-Balcony

  3. The Guardhouse assebmly guide uses Metal-Hinged-Door-v1.0 and states it is with the Schist Walls pack, but i cannot locate it in with that pack, only the regular wooden door. Could you help me with this?

  4. Could we potentially add more inner floors into the roof of the Welcome Wench layout? Do the roof modular tiles allow for this? For example, the 3rd floor, should we want to make it, would be slightly smaller in site because the walls would have part of the modular roofing on the outside of it gradually going up higher.

    1. We did some future planning for this and the roofs do allow for attic sections with AS walls to be connect in. We’ll be doing more information expanding on this with the Manor Inn release as well.

    1. Actually even the 3rd level seems weird… like the stairs are meant to go over the overhang for the 3rd level.. ? so the floor pieces are meant to completely cover the second floor stairs?

      1. The orientation of the 3rd and 4th level floors are 90° counter-clockwise to the rest of the floors. Then it will match the lower levels. Level 5 is oriented 90° clockwise to levels 1 and 2.

    1. Hey Sam. The Grand Hostel has a LOT of errors in its guide for pieces… look at level 4. 17 doesn’t exist on the guide… #5 is blank and #8 is definitely not what it shows on the pic. Could you guys do an audit on the whole guide please? It’s a bit frustrating when trying to print out exact pieces only to notice following the quantity was not really helpful haha.

  5. The Openlock clip5.4 does not seem to fit in the Floor prints. They work perfect in the Schism walls. Should I be using a different clip? Or am i not pushing together hard enough?

    1. The ports are exactly the same size, you may have to look at any excess stringing your printer is adding to the print because the orientation of the ports are horizontal rather than vertical.

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