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Clorehaven Dungeons and Dragons RPG 3Dprinted City

Clorehaven Assembly Guides

To assemble any of the Clorehaven buildings you can download the following assembly diagrams:

There will be additional diagrams added for the rest of the core pledges and each building stretch goal.

Download the Rampage Base Pack for free to get the latest version of the OpenLOCK clip.

95 thoughts on “Clorehaven Assembly Guides

  1. Hi,

    Maybe a noob question incoming, I appologize if so 🙂

    How are we supposed to assemble the Door, Doorway and beam ?
    Should we have to put a wire or something else in the hole and the glue the beam on top of the doorway once the door is in place ?

    Thank you in advance.

    1. The roof beam can be glued beforehand and set to dry, then you can run filament or wire through the hole in the top and door like a hinge pin and glue the top part to hole it in place.

  2. The Watch Tower level 3, there needs to be printed 3 not 2 of #7 Wooden Balcony Walls: D-Balcony-v1.0.

    As is evident from the diagram, just a typo I guess.

  3. Hi,

    Maybe some mistakes in tavern level 2 assembly guide :

    Piece n°11 is referenced as IA-Balcony instead of G-Balcony.
    Piece n°13 is referenced as HG-Bacony instead of IA-Balcony

  4. The Guardhouse assebmly guide uses Metal-Hinged-Door-v1.0 and states it is with the Schist Walls pack, but i cannot locate it in with that pack, only the regular wooden door. Could you help me with this?

  5. Could we potentially add more inner floors into the roof of the Welcome Wench layout? Do the roof modular tiles allow for this? For example, the 3rd floor, should we want to make it, would be slightly smaller in site because the walls would have part of the modular roofing on the outside of it gradually going up higher.

    1. We did some future planning for this and the roofs do allow for attic sections with AS walls to be connect in. We’ll be doing more information expanding on this with the Manor Inn release as well.

    1. Actually even the 3rd level seems weird… like the stairs are meant to go over the overhang for the 3rd level.. ? so the floor pieces are meant to completely cover the second floor stairs?

      1. The orientation of the 3rd and 4th level floors are 90° counter-clockwise to the rest of the floors. Then it will match the lower levels. Level 5 is oriented 90° clockwise to levels 1 and 2.

    1. Hey Sam. The Grand Hostel has a LOT of errors in its guide for pieces… look at level 4. 17 doesn’t exist on the guide… #5 is blank and #8 is definitely not what it shows on the pic. Could you guys do an audit on the whole guide please? It’s a bit frustrating when trying to print out exact pieces only to notice following the quantity was not really helpful haha.

    1. A good suggestion. Some of the roofs have features that aren’t in the modular roofs like windows. We will be releasing some more complex roof guides soon.

  6. The Openlock clip5.4 does not seem to fit in the Floor prints. They work perfect in the Schism walls. Should I be using a different clip? Or am i not pushing together hard enough?

    1. The ports are exactly the same size, you may have to look at any excess stringing your printer is adding to the print because the orientation of the ports are horizontal rather than vertical.

  7. I could be mistaken with the Manor I’m but I count part 8 in the first half of level 1 a total of 6 times and on the second half of level 1 I count part 10 a total 8 times.

    First half part 8 is illustrated to have 4 and part 10 in the second half is illustrated to have 9.

    Either way, I’m can’t wait to assemble it all!

      1. Hello! As you can imagine, I’m gradually building the entire Manor Inn step by step and I started to notice that either I didn’t print enough or I printed to many of something so I started double checking each design before I started printed it. Could you please verify my findings?

        I spotted the following points:
        Manor Inn first level part 1:
        – The blueprint mentions #18 twice but the table only states that one is needed.
        – Also #18 seems to be BA-AS-Wall-Schist-v1.0 but that means you have one openlock port on the outside which doesn’t seem to connect to anything. Shouldn’t this be the BA-Wall-Schist which doesn’t have a port on the outside and just on the inside of the building for the floor?

        Manor inn first level part 2:
        – The table states that #16 is from the Manor Inn line but as far as I can tell it is actually from Schist Walls.
        – The table states that #17 is from the Manor Inn line but as far as I can tell it is actually from the Rustic Stone and Wood Stairs line.
        – The table states that #6 is used 6 times but I can only find it 4 times in the blueprint.

        As always I really appreciate the high quality models and these guides are amazing and as all big projects I can imagine some oversights. As a big fan I hope I can at least help out by proof reading the guide for you!

        When I move onto the next levels and if I spot anything not already mentioned then I’ll be sure to give you a heads-up.

  8. Manor Inn, Level 2:

    – Missing a #5 between #19 and #20.
    – On that same row of walls, the two #7s are together, but should be on each side of the fireplace.
    – The #12 near the tower should be replaced with a #11. Remove the #13 next to it, it’s not necessary.
    – Missing a #9 just above #21.

    Sam, please double-check my corrections. When the floor plan didn’t line up, I had to refer to your video and freeze the video to double check what I was missing. I’m not 100% sure it’s correct.

    1. Thanks Billremig. These updates have NOT been made yet on the guide and this was very helpful to finish level 2. I also noticed there are a total of 8 – #19 used (not 7) tudor doors. #20 doesn’t list the correct door beam should be A-Beam-Tudor-v-1.0.strl and I believe you need an extra #3 (13 total)

  9. Can I just say these guides are incredibly useful. Is there a possibility that more are added in the future? Would love to see a Mayor House and maybe a type of Academy/School? (Pretty please with sugar on top)

    1. Each of the more complicated designs can take just as much time if not more than sculpting the models. This is something we could look at doing in the future.

      1. Maybe the community could help with this, I’m currently printing the buildings from the guides but I’m quite looking forward to designing my own.

        Some sort of building/layout program would be cool too.

          1. Yeah a community for this would be amazing!
            Sam if I could ask kindly, have you considered a forum or using the facebook group to manage this perhaps? And if you see great designs to take them onboad with some formatting to match the current guides and adding them here, that would be a god-send!

            I would happily contribute (when I get get through my current ultra backlog of printable scenery stuff!)

  10. I have just looked at the Alchemist Guild Assembly Guide.
    You say on Level 1 that 1, 2 & 3 are Rustic Wooden Floors.
    They look more like Stone Floors to me.

  11. Stone Barn, level 2
    “Roof-Small-Stone-Barn-v1.0” should have quantity of 1, not 6.

    Front side of the main section on Stone Barn Level 1 uses L-Double-Column-Stone-Barn-1-v1.0, but the back side of the same room uses L-Column-Stone-Barn-1-v1.0 on both level 1 and level 2. This means that tall walls are connected together in the front wall, but not the back wall. Is this intentional? Should both back and front be using the double column?

    Also there are no instructions what doors should be used for any of the three doorways in Stone Barn.

  12. Few corrections for the Alchemist Guild Guide.
    Square Tower Level 2.
    Items 5 & 8 are duplicated.
    Item 7 should be qty 4

    Square Tower Level 3
    Item 6 qty 4
    Item 7 qty 6

    Square Tower Level 4
    Item 6 qty 4
    Item 7 qty 6
    But also Item 7 in the pictures has corbels, when I printed these I found I had to mirror 2 of them. May be worth putting that in the guide too?

    Amazing model again though. Really loving the Clorehaven stuff, Can’t wait to be able to play using it.

  13. I have a request,
    Could we please have a list PDF or excel with all the models and there names/sets so we can keep track of how many of each we have, that would make planning and building much easier.

  14. There is a strange arrangement on the Inn of the Welcome Wench cellar part 1. You have pillars which are in-between floor tiles and can only be clipped into .5*1 pieces that only have one clip space. this means that the pillars and .5*1 are clipped to each other and not attached to the rest of the cellar. In my assembly I swapped the 1*1 and .5*1 and in doing that I can attach the pillars and the .5*1 to the rest of the cellar with the 1*1.

  15. I believe there’s a mistake on alchemist guild square tower level 2 assembly guide.
    looking at the diagram should be 4 I-column-schist instead of 2?

  16. I am wrapping up level 1 of the Welcome Wench and am a bit confused. In Level 1 Part 1 in the top left room the right walls consist of (bottom to top) 20, 17, 18, 20. The problem is that the top 20 is a L column but its still an interior wall not linking to anything. I think this should be a O column Schlist since that would not leave exposed peg holes.

  17. Some notes on the inn of the Welcome Wench
    1. Modular Roof – you have the file names for Apex files and Roof files to be very similar. its a bit confusing. There are numbers in them but since they are in a different folder its a bit wierd not having APEX in the name of the files.
    2. Level 2
    A. Level 2 Part 2 – You have number listed as requiring 23 pieces but I found 25 were needed.
    B. Level 2 Part 2 – you have 19 listed as needing 7 of each but actually needs 8
    C. Level 1 Part 1 – One of the separating walls is not numbered but is 13. Bottom second wall bottom piece.
    D. Level 1 Part 1 – YOu have the separating wall on the top middle listed as 21, 20, 21 but no 21 they should read 12.
    E. Level 2 Part 2 – This is minor but the positioning of the right outshoot is extremely confusing as it looks like it is either incorrectly align with the rest of the building or wouldn’t fit. If it was brought down in alignment with the bottom outer wall it may remove a lot of the confusion when looking at this.


  18. Roof Part 4 there are some discrepancies.
    (12) E-Riser-Low-v1.2 has 4 listed but 5 depicted and needed.
    (16) S-High-Riser-v1.1 should not be on the plans. the depiction is incorrect as it has 10 and 11 with only 1 level of clip ports, but 10 and 11 are high pieces just like 8. This means that the 4 slot 16 is 1 too high. Replace with additional 13 + 14 as is under 8.

  19. So I finished the inn. I do have an issue with a gap on the roof. I posted in the forums about it. The one big thing I would put out there for the roof is skip the risers. You will only need them if you are portioning the roof for separation and I would recommend using ones that will support the areas you are splitting. Otherwise its HUGE and now to figure out the painting.

  20. There’s a mistake on the Basic House assembly guide.

    4 Clorehaven Modular Roof ER3-FR2 Gothic floor 2

    should be….

    4 Clorehaven Modular Roof S-Roof-Narrow-High 3

  21. Hello,
    The level 3 grand hostel have the roof attached on the wrong wall
    By the way, it could be usefull if the “half Roof” from this level had open lock entries. We could combine with AS Tudor Windows and attach it to the building
    Anyway, as always, nice material!!

    1. I am unsure what you are referring to by saying the Roof is attached to the wrong wall. The Half roof sits on the Level 2 area and sits against the lower part of the Tudor Window walls.
      I will put your OpenLOCK suggestion for this roof on our updates list.

  22. i am running into a problem building the manor inn. on floor 1 part 2, on the far left wall, putting the pieces together as posted has part 23 even with the floor tile but nothing to connect the lower wall to?

    1. These are the AS-Tudor-Window. The guide for the Manor Inn is going to be updated. Just currently being built in Terrain Tinker so that all corrections can be made.

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