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Rampage Base Pack


Rampage is the first truly modular interconnecting scenery building system that allows you to build everything from beautiful dungeons, to large buildings and fortifications. It is a versatile and highly-detailed building system for all types of tabletop or role-playing games.

The Rampage Base Pack contains all you need to get started with this innovative system, including OpenLOCK clips which can connect any two pieces of scenery together. These innovative clips allow you to connect exterior walls, balconies, bridges, dungeon tiles and much, much more.

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This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.



    • 28 September 2017 – updated to clip 5.1.
    • 13 April 2018 (version 6.3) OpenLOCK clip updated to 5.3
    • 28 May 2018 (version 7.0) Updated to the latest version of Triplex.
    • 31 July 2018 (version 7.1) Update to I-Column.
    • 10 September 2018 (version 7.2) OpenLOCK clip updated to 5.4


  • Right-click on the image below and “Save As” to download the reference sheet for this pack.


Additional information

File Type

STL files in ZIP folder



Layer Height

.2 for Normal Quality .1 for High Quality (.2 Layer height is recommended)


Prints without Supports

Print Volume

Rampage Tiles have a maximum size of 4 inches (102mm). So you will need a 102 x 102 x 102mm print volume, Rampage tiles cannot be scaled., This item is set to 28mm scale and can be printed on a 4inch x 4inch x 4inchmm print bed

Q & A

  1. Edward J Hanratty Jr

    The Description shows to remove supports with needle nose pliers, but the Additional Information says supports aren’t needed. Is it recommended to print with supports or without?

    • Matthew Barker

      Hi, yes you don’t need supports, they are built into the model. It’s a good idea to print with a ‘brim’ this will make sure you get nice flat prints

  2. mike2 (verified owner)

    Hi. Should I print the clips with 15% infill? Or do they need more to be stronger?

    • Matthew Barker

      I normally print the clips with 15% infill, they work great.

  3. Dennis (verified owner)

    Hi Matt, I seem to have issues with the wall pieces. The more extruding stones on them always have stringing on the bottom. Quite severe actually. There are always 5-10 separate strings of filament that are just sticking into the air. I tried printing with 0.2 and 0.15 mm layers on a 0.4 mm nozzle using PLA and several variations of infill. Its always the same. It seems as if they might need supports but I was thinking that might be a bit overkill. Any recommendations?

    • Matthew Barker

      Hi Dennis

      The walls do have some stringing under the large protrusions, this isn’t that noticeable but it can be removed with a knife. Ill do a blog on this soon

  4. pepsicat585

    Do you print the clips on a brim or a raft?

    • Matthew Barker

      It depends on your printer, but I normally print the clips with a brim

  5. Michael McCoy (verified owner)

    Hi Matt,

    The new 6.0 version has replaced the RPG stone floor, with the TRP castle floor. Is there any chance you might include a TRP version of the original stone floor?



    • Matt Barker

      We will make some more TRP stone floors and castle floors. However, they are backwards compatible, so you can use any existing floors with the TRP Walls and visa versa

  6. Michael McCoy (verified owner)

    Hi Matt,

    You’re now responsible for my Prusa MK2 running ~20 hours a day… 🙂 I’m wondering whether you have any tips for printing the gate. In the .stl it’s oriented vertically, and even with a brim there’s very little surface area touching the plate. I’ve printed a few this way, but it’s been a bit hit or miss. Do you print this flat on a raft, or vertically ‘as is’ ?



    • Matt Barker

      We have updated the gate so that it prints flat

  7. Jimmydark (verified owner)

    Why is the top of the BA wall in this set flat rather then stone textured like the A wall?

    • Matt Barker

      True, I’ll make a quick fix to that now. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. fhans (verified owner)

    Hi, I’ve tried downloading this set, as well as printing it, and was wondering how the pieces fit together.
    I printed a clip (MMS_Clip-OpenLOCK 4.3) and a floor piece (A-TRP-Castle-Floor-v2.0), but when I tried to insert the clip into the floor, I couldn’t make it fit in any position. Am I missing anything?

    Why is there two clips in the pack, both of which looks to be equally big?

    • Matt Barker

      You need to remove the small supports from the front of the openLOCK ports

  9. ehrlich (verified owner)

    Hi, I’m new to this. I’d like to know if you have a recommended print list for someone getting started, i.e. what’s a good number of walls and floors and clips to print to get started.

    • Matt Barker

      The best would be to print 4 x L-Columnns, 4 x E-Floors 7-A-Walls and an A-Door. From there you will see how it assembles togeather

  10. Karsten Fink (verified owner)

    Hi Matt, when is the next version ready to download? (with the quickfix, reported at October 5, 2017 🙂
    Can you say, when the old sets updated to TRP?

    • Matt Barker

      We are going to start updating all the files as soon as we have sent out the main pledges for Rampage Gothic

  11. jose.junior (verified owner)

    Is the only way to get stone floors buying the 9.95 stone floor package or is there any that would be included on this set?

    • Rex Foot (verified owner)

      The E-TRP Floor tile is included in the pack. We do howsoever have a wide variety of different stone floor designs, but you will need to by those packs to get access to them.

  12. G Rose (verified owner)

    Is there an existing floor tile with a slot for the ‘A’ so it can be a ‘roof’ over the gate?

    If not could you please make one and put some murder holes in the floor , so my kobolds can slam the gates down in front and behind the and then pur boiling oil down on the adventures!

    • Rex Foot (verified owner)

      The two products i recommend are the RPG- Murder Holes, and the Castle Floor packs. Let us know if that is what you are looking for.

  13. G Rose (verified owner)

    Not quite the idea is they come in through the entrance tile seeying the first arch tile (no gate) then a floor tile then the second arch (also no gate) when the party move onto th floor tile then the kobolds in the room on the second floor slam the gat4es down and pour boling oil on the adventures.

    I guess I can make the castle floor tile work

  14. nookrmk (verified owner)

    I tried printing the walls and floors vertically with a skrt and I got good adhesion but a stringing mess afterword. It’s very frustrating. I’d like to purchase products but I’m apprehensive. What are your recommended print settings? Can you print vertically? Do you recommend a raft? Thanks in advance.

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Printing vertically with a raft is an option we use frequently for doign floors. If you have a stringing mess it’s usually to do with calibrating your z settings correctly or your tile is oriented so it can get knocked over. If you orient the tile so it’s in parallel with the bed motor it works better.

  15. alexvigil

    Will I be able to print your products on any of these 3d printers?:

    101 Hero, Cabinet Autonivel, QIDI TECH DOUBLE ?

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      As long as you run the STL (universal file) through the slicer configured for your printer it should be fine.

  16. Marcel Toele (verified owner)

    I hope this isn’t a very dumb question, but since I see it everywhere: What does TRP stand for?

    • Matt Barker

      It’s stands for Triplex, which is the OpenLOCK tile with 3 ports per 2 inch instead of 1 port per 2 inch

  17. sirdeblin34 (verified owner)

    This is more of a generic question – For all models not just the RPG base Pack. First i love the models and I am currently downloading all the Demon Elves and Dwarven Terrain. All of your files come with a great reference sheet, Would it be possible to add the standard print profile info to these. For example .2 layer height, 6 top / 6 bottom, 15% infill, speed… and such. It would save time from goign to the web site between different prints and models.

    • Sam Campbell

      Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      There is no standard print profile, some things print with different settings depending on the model.

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