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Forest Wyvern’s, Mountain Wyvern’s & Mounted Wyvern Riders

An unlooked-for benefit to the Mastery of the Great Wyrm was the taming of the more common draconic species inhabiting the lands surrounding the city. Various species of Wyverns became drawn to the city, submissive to the will of the Alpha Dragon at its center. It was not long before they were being tamed and trained by the Halfling folk, Forming the first corps of Wyvern Riders from the elite Dragon Handlers at the command of the Great Warlock himself.

The largest of these were the Cliff Wyvern. More of a glider than an actual flyer, the Cliff Wyvern has adapted to climbing the sheer walls of the mountainous regions, gliding on updrafts to stalk goats and other medium-sized creatures in the high valleys. Yet it is still a force to be reckoned with on land, and at a sprint can launch itself into the air for a stretch of low altitude gliding, covering a good distance at a safe elevation.

The Swamp Wyvern dwells in the great forest, its wings now evolved into a vestigial relic of flight. This long-legged Wyvern has adapted to feeding on the many creatures in the swampy areas of the western forest. However, its stilt-like appendages make the Swamp Wyvern a natural sprinter on dry land, a feat used in the jousting like battles fought between males in their mating seasons. Callused ridges upon their sharp beaks are used in these fights between rival males, running at great speed and butting against each other, trying to knock the other out. As steeds, this form of attack is now used to great effect by their new Halfling riders.  

The profiles below will allow you to run the Cliff Wyvern and Swamp Wyvern as wild creatures, as well as provide a profile for a Wyvern Rider when the party encounters the elite scouts of the Great Warlock’s forces.

 Here are the links to download the Cliff Wyvern and the Swamp Wyvern.

Cliff Wyvern

Swamp Wyvern

Wyvern Rider

Please note these are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and that the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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