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Ortegar Deepwood, the Druid

Ortegar Deepwood’s name was forgotten by most long ago, known to all Halflings now as simply ‘The Druid.’ When the Great Warlock saved the Halfling folk from the Wyrm’s devastation nearly 100 years ago, the Druid prophesied a greater evil to come from his presence and retreated into what remained of the great woods. There he bound himself to the trees with the enchantments remembered by the ancient Guardian-Gnomes who once lived there. He lives there still, in his woven treetop palace, a refuge to any Halfing seeking solace from the bustling stone city of their Warlock overlord. A friend to all animals, his more regular pets include a barn owl named Nipper and a red squirrel called Chitter. 

Ortegar’s home has become the center of the resistance against the rule of the Warlock and home to the Rangers Guild, Who view him as their leader and venerate him for his guidance and font of wisdom. Unfortunately for the Resistance, he has been trapped in a coma for several weeks, having attempted to enter the mind of a Wyvern to get close and explore the Archanical Compound. For some reason he has yet to sever his link with the creature, leaving him in a vulnerable state and the Rangers without a clear leader. Though his first thoughts will always be towards de-escalating a conflict, should he be released from his psychic imprisonment he will make for an absolutely formidable advisory, able to turn the plants and animals of Wollockshire against those who threaten him.

Here are the link to download the The Druid.

Ortegar Deepwood, the Druid page 1

Ortegar Deepwood, the Druid page 2

these are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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