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Rise of the Halflings Scenario: The Rangers Barracks

Deep in the forest, at the center of the Halfling Forest Fort, sits a large Halfling hillock. Here a halfling can join the Halfling Rangers, a group trying to protect the old ways and refugees that are fleeing the oppression of Wollockshire and the Great Warlock that rules there. Refusing the use of any dwarven- or warlock-made construction materials, the simple hillock-housed barracks shelter an astounding number of these volunteers. Platforms are constructed in the ancient trees to be patrolled by the rolling watch stationed in the treehouses above.

The Rangers Barracks is the heart of the Halfling Ranger’s operations in the Great Forest, where the captains work and plan to protect those Halflings who have come to shelter under the eaves of the Druid’s Palace. Rangers train, sleep and prepare for the day when the Great Warlocks scouts finally slip through the perimeter maintained by those Rangers out on patrol and discover the defenses of this last refuge. Some of the Ranger Captains even believe that sorties to disrupt the Warlock’s plans are needed, and are gathering elite squads of saboteurs ready for the day when they can strike back against those that oppress their friends and family.

Here is the link to download the Rangers Barracks.

Encounter at the Rangers Barracks page 1

Encounter at the Rangers Barracks page 2

Encounter at the Rangers Barracks page 3

These are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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