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3d print OpenLock Demon Cathedral Ruins

Sci-Fi Gothic Assembly Guides

Below you will find instructions for assembling an awesome tables worth of terrain using the Sci-Fi Gothic and Daemon terrain sets, perfect for Warhammer 40K and future dystopic wargames.

3d print OpenLock Demon Cathedral Ruins

If you have print fails during the process of creating the ruins do not worry, they are ruins! Eagle eyed people will notice that there are several failed prints in the photos that we have just used a bit of putty or some ripped up cork to cover up. We have also mounted some of the pieces on cork bases to increase there visual appeal. Making a base for the print is a great way to use sections of the failed prints, just hack them up a bit and glue them down!

Ruined Curved Corner

Ruined Tall Corner

Ruined Buttressed Corner

Ruined Cathedral Triforium

The Gothic Factory

The Daemon Ossiary

The Daemon Gate

The Tower

Download the Rampage Base Pack for free to get the latest version of the OpenLOCK clip.

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    1. This part is not used in the original Demon Cathedral setup and is not included in any of the assembly guides. This was a customer request that was added to this product at a later date.

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