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Ruined Cathedral Triforium

The Triforium is a 1 story ruin, but covering a large section of ground with line of sight blocking terrain while providing a raised area large enough for several units to utalise as a firing base.

You can download a copy of the assembly guide here for your own refrence.

cathedral triforium image for the assembly guide
NumberProductFile NameQuantity
1Cathedral RuinsAR4 gothic window1
2Daemon WindowA1 daemon window6
3Cathedral RuinsAR4 gothic window mir1
4Industrial RuinsAR1 Gothic arch1
5Triforium and Celestial WindowA triforium C4
6Nave ArchwayQ nave archways1
7Industrial RuinsARS gothic arch1
8Cathedral RuinsER3-FR2 gothic floor9
9Cathedral RuinsER2 gothic floor1
10Cathedral RuinsER1 gothic floor5
NumberProductFile NameQuantity
1Cathedral RuinsAR4 gothic window1
2The Effigy of the Unknown WarriorA gothic effigy2
3Daemon WindowA1 daemon window2
4Cathedral RuinsAR4 gothic window mir1
5Cathedral RuinsER3-FR2 gothic floor4
6Cathedral RuinsER2 gothic floor4
7Cathedral Floor OptionsE gothic floor14
8Cathedral RuinsER1 gothic floor5
9Cathedral RuinsAR3 gothic wall low4
NumberProductFile NameQuantity
1Cathedral RuinsAR2 gothic wall low mir1
2Cathedral RuinsAR1 gothic wall low1
3Cathedral RuinsAR2 gothic wall low1
4Cathedral RuinsAR4 gothic wall low1
5Cathedral RuinsER3-FR2 gothic floor3
6Cathedral WallsER2 gothic floor1
7Cathedral Walls                    ER1 gothic floor1

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