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The Daemon Gate

a simple section of ruined walls great for blocking off line-of-sight to some areas of the battlefield.

You can download a copy of the assembly guide here for your own refrence.

NumberProductFile NameQuantity
1Demon RuinsAR3 Gothic Demon Window1
2Demon RuinsAR1 Gothic Demon Window2
3Demon Flying ButtressGothic Buttress I Demon2
4Demon RuinsAR1 Gothic Demon Window (MIR)1
5Demon RuinsQR2 Gothic Demon Doorway1
6Demon ColumnsColumn I Demon1
7Demon RuinsAR3 Gothic Demon Window (MIR)1
8Cathedral RuinsAR3-FR2 Gothic Floor7

Any pieces marked as (MIR) has been mirrored using the function in the slicer. You can find a piece on how to achieve this here:

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