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3D Printable Trees for Wargaming, RPGs, And Dioramas

Trees and forests are ‘the’ terrain that every wargamer should have, making 3D printable trees some of the best additions to your STL collection. They are universal terrain features, used in almost every wargame style, from the distant past to the far future.

Printing Trees

Here at Printable Scenery, we have designed our tree STLs to be easy to print on both FDM and SLA printers. Branches have been oriented to minimize overhangs and require no support when FDM printing. If you want to spread your branches further, you can heat and bend them into new positions.

There is a wide variety of 3D printable trees on the website. Here are some of the best options for the many styles of forest out there:

Natural Forests

These classic trees look great in historical-based wargames, dioramas, and even model railways. Whether you are trying to depict the old forests and bocages of Europe, mangroves of Louisiana, or sparse trees of the wild west, there is a set here that will work. Bolt Action, Wild West Exodus and DBBM battlefields benefit significantly from these trees.

Fantasy Forests

These ancient and slightly whimsical-looking trees and bushes would look perfect in an enchanted forest. Lothlorien and other elven forests can be easily depicted with the Gloomwood trees, while the Sentient Trees work great as Weirwood groves on A Song of Ice & Fire battlefields.

Corrupted Forests

Whether by gods or magic, many settings have corrupted lands where the trees and bushes reflect the land’s desecration. Contorted Trees, Gully’s, and morbid Hanging Trees perfectly set up a dark gothic feel for wargames or RPG board. Blood Trees and Vomiting Trees reflect the effect of chaos corruption, creating groves of Feculent Gnarlmaws and warped forests in the realms of Nurgle or Khorne.

Underworld Forests

Deep below the earth, the Underdark is rich with forests made from massive mushrooms. The Magic Mushrooms, Blooming Lanterns, and Mesmerising Morels work perfectly as area terrain on a Goblin-themed battlefield for Age of Sigmar, as well as providing cover in D&D encounters deep in the Underdark.

Science Fiction Forests

The planets of Star Wars and Warhammer 40K contain much exotic flora, especially on the death worlds. Spore Spitters, Jungle Clusters, and Spudlings provide plenty of cover for advancing troops. However, nothing compares to the Ravenous Hunters, ready to consume all troops that stray too close.

No matter which universe your games are in, there is a 3D printable forest that will suit you. Many of the sets above work across all genres, depending on what foliage you choose to add to the branches. For this reason, the trees are a must-have for all wargaming collections.

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