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Rise of the Halfling Scenario: The Halfling City Guildhall

An oddly fashioned building, even by Wollockshire standards, this domicile for those halflings employed within the Archanical Compound was designed by the Great Warlock to best compliment the new architecture of the Arcane while complimenting the existing styles preferred by traditional halfling master builders. Small touches such as these further endeared himself to the steadily growing halfling populace, making it even more difficult for those concerned with the loss of their culture to voice such complaints.

The Halfling City Guildhall houses the young recruits from the Dragon Handlers, as well as any of the handlers that do not own their own Halfling Hillock Homestead outside the Archanical Compound. around 20 such individuals are housed in the building, who share the night and day shifts guarding the compound’s parapets and gate. The towers on either side of the building house cells for the rare opposition to the Great Warlock that is too politically dangerous to humiliate or exile, able to be reached only by the air elevators installed at the base of the towers. These elevators may only be activated from their base, so a guard must wait at the bottom while food is taken up to any prisoners so that they can be let back down.

Here is the link to download the Halfling City Guildhall.

Scenario: Halfling City Guildhall page 1

Scenario: Halfling City Guildhall page 2

These are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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