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Painting Hagglethorn Hollow: Pathways and Bridge

The Hagglethorn Pathways and Bridge make excellent cobblestone pathways and roads for heaps of different fantasy settings. Based on Johnny Frazer-Allen’s artwork, our painting guide highlights the unique design in a few easy steps. It may look complicated at first, but you’ll find once you get into the swing of it, painting these are really fun!

This guide uses drybrushing, staining, and washing. You can find a guide on how to drybrush here. Included at the bottom is a full list of the paints used in this guide.

We begin, like many models, with a Black undercoat

Step 1) Drybrush up three layers: First Dungeon Grey, followed by Ash Grey. Lastly drybrush the center with Arid Earth, leaving the Ash Grey on the sides.

Step 2) Here comes the fun part! We selected a range of colors, 10 or so, that are good, neutral tones, and got out a bit of each on a palette and watered them down so they are very runny. Going around with each color, pick out random stones to show it being made from a different type of stone. Because the paint is thinner it will dry slightly translucent. Embrace your artistic side and have fun! Pick out as many or as few bricks with each color as you see fit. It was much easier to do all the colors on one piece before moving to the next, and you can see the different colors come together easily this way.

The colors we used are: Zamesi Desert, Castellan Green, Deathclaw Brown, Zandri Dust, Steel Legion Drab, Necromancer Cloak, Skeleton Bone, Wolf Grey, Chaotic Red and Dirt Splatter.

Step 3) With the different colors down we want to tie them back together and made the Pathway look well used and old. First lightly drybrush the whole piece in Arid Earth before washing the whole piece with Soft Tone.

Our aged, ancient Pathways are finished! If you wanted, you could quite happily restrict the color palette you stain the stones with, the technique remains the same. We used this method for the Hagglethorn Bridge, as the two sets fit together perfectly.

We hope you enjoyed this guide. If you’ve got any other models you’d like to see us write a painting guide for, leave a comment below or email us at [email protected]

Painted Used:

Matt Black Undercoat Spray (Army Painter)

Dungeon Grey (Army Painter)

Ash Grey (Army Painter)

Arid Earth (Army Painter)

Zamesi Desert (Citadel)

Castellan Green (Citadel)

Deathclaw Brown (Citadel)

Zandri Dust (Citadel)

Steel Legion Drab (Citadel)

Necromancer Cloak (Army Painter)

Skeleton Bone (Army Painter)

Wolf Grey (Army Painter)

Chaotic Red (Army Painter)

Dirt Splatter (Army Painter)

Soft Tone (Army Painter)

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