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Mad Max, Spacecrawl and Monoliths!

We have been absolutely rushed off our feet these passed few weeks, and what a blur it has been! But here we are, back with all the great new sculpts and upcoming content that you love! So what has had us so pre-occupied?

Whats New

The Wasteworld was revved up last week as 4 new sets arrived, adding so many cool options for Gasland’s and other apocalyptic games. Channeling that crazy energy that Gaslands is so well known for, the Loop-de-Loop is an amazing centerpiece guaranteed to attract the craziest racers to your games! We had immense fun testing it out in a no-holds barred race during our weekly games night. Needless to say it was chaos incarnate!

Hold on to your lunch, this will either be amazing, or fatal

The race would not have been complete without the unsung hero of the night, the new Checkpoints. These little beauties helped keep us on track (mostly) and created some of the greatest moments of the night, as everyone attempted to swerve through them at the same time.

3d Printed Gaslands Fallout Post-Apocalypse
well that seems like an easy course, what is the catch?

There were also some amazing sets for those more inclined to brave the wastes than race. The Junkfood Franchise will be a magnet for wasteland wanderers. whether representing an old-world eatery or a more recent establishment, food and other vital supplies will be easy to find there. Such a source of valuable resource will attract scavengers of various factions, and the inevitable skirmishes to hold onto such a vital asset.

3d Printed Gaslands Fallout Post-Apocalypse
sorry, how did you say you fry your chicken?

We also introduced the Wasteworld to our very own benchy! Now marooned far from any body of water, the Ruined Fishing Boat stands as a memorial to better times. I will be incorporating it into my Raider’s fortress, the sides creating quite a nice little rampart to defend from.

The Wasteworld is not the only collection to get some love this fortnight. Sanctuary-17 has been upgraded with a beautiful new Command Center from which the mining operation can be spearheaded. Following on from the Medical Center, the command center is an impressive mix of furniture and tiles. The large curved walls will add an extra dimension to your base with the computer screens on the command consoles, they just leave so much room to get creative and customize your operations base. The swirling effect in the transporter pod in the rooms center was also extremely fun to paint.

3d Printable sci-fi 40k infinity Moonbase furniture
Beam me to the bridge!

That many computers draw on a lot of power however, so it is fortunate that a new Reactor Core has been installed at the same time! So many iconic sci-fi scenes jump to mind whenever I see the reactors containment facility. The reactor is a pivotal location in any space-based RPG. whether the party needs to desperately shut it down before it destroys the base or is the site of a radiation leak creating zombie-like antagonists, it offers so many possibilities…

3d Printable sci-fi 40k infinity Moonbase furniture
oh boy, this never ends well…

Back down on planet-side, there have been some rather impressive new monuments uncovered in the jungles of New Eden. The Walls of Eden are a fantastic set of beautiful city walls reminiscent of Angkor Thom. They are great line-of-sight blockers, breaking up the battlefield or arrayed together as a mighty Lizardman Fortress to be besieged.

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec

However, the monolithic Pyramid of Kaas has finally been discovered! And when i say monolithic I MEAN monolithic. It stands a full 47cm tall with a base width of 40cm! That’s around 1 1/2 feet tall for those of you measuring in Imperial! Not only that but it has fully playable interiors, with hidden passages leading through the various levels. In fact, we have partnered up once more with our good friend Matt Raucher to bring you a new Dungeons & Dragons module that uses this very pyramid! We have included it with the pyramids files for easy access. I can’t wait to take my unwitting party down into its cavernous rooms. who knows, it might become their tomb too…

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec
I would hate to have to climb those stairs to go to work every day…
3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec
Lets see who makes it out alive…

Don’t believe me about it’s size, here is a photo Sam took while I was painting it. I am not a small individual…

If I never have to paint that many vines again I will be a happy man!

Painting Guide

Sanctuary-17 is a unique collection of sets. The base’s clean and bright color scheme is a far reach from our usual grey ruined buildings. This week we revealed how we achieved such a classic Sci-Fi tone with the Sanctuary-17 Painting Guide. You would not believe how easy it is to get such a great white tone on those walls!

want to re-create this iconic sci-fi look? check out the painting blog to see how we pulled it off

Sneak Peek

So, with so many great sets in the passed few weeks what else is on the horizon? well we don’t want to ruin it all for you just yet, but here is a little look at what was on the print bed this morning…

It definitely has the look of the Wasteworld about it, but exactly what is it?

Until next time!

Nick and the Printable Scenery team!

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