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Dread Race 2020 Replay

The Printable Scenery team got together for a fantastic game of Gaslands playtesting the Loop de Loop and Checkpoints. Some of us were fairly new to the game so each player was issued 1 car with a machine gun and infinite re-spawns if needed. Here’s how the carnage went down! Who would be the first to dine on some tasty Red Roach Ribs at the Junkfood Franchise at the finish line.

Poll Position

  1. RED ROCKET: Driven by Mike, a close friend of the team.
  2. WARTHOG: Driven by Nick, assistant product developer.
  3. BAD BOY: Driven by Matt, the head of Printable Scenery.
  4. HOT STUFF: Driven by Sam, chief product developer.
  5. IRON BLIZZARD: Driven by Jo from accounts.

The Track

Dreadrace Speedway is the sight of today’s carnage! the starting drag immediately separates into a “safe” route through the plane graveyard or a jump through a flaming hoop! the paths then link up at the first gate. next is a long stretch hemmed in with solid walls on both sides were you can open the throttle. After gaining speed here a tight corner passed the ruined fishing boat will need to be navigated to make the second gate. The track then deviates again, a safe route around a tight detour or an incredibly dangerous drive through the Loop de Loop of death! If it can be navigated the finish line will be right there, check out this pre-race check of the tracks conditions from our news copter!

Ready, Set, Carnage!

Turn 1-4

Red Rocket wasted no time out of the gate, swerving in front of Warthog to line up the ramp to the flaming hoop, and shooting them with a pistol. Warthog promptly responded by swerving towards the plane graveyard, hitting back at Red Rocket with a 2 damage critical hit. Bad Boy rammed warthog, dealing 3 damage to him with his machine guns! Hot Stuff moved up behind Red Rocket and dealt another point of damage with his machine guns. Iron Blizzard revved up and rammed Bad Boy for 1 damage, before dealing another point with the guns.

Red Rocket used turn 2 to align himself for the jump, powering through the gears to have the speed to clear it. Both Hot Stuff and Bad Boy followed suit, with Bad Boy revving up from 1st gear to 4th in an attempt to have the speed. it appeared that all those taking the jump were focusing hard as all shots fired between them missed or were dodged. Warthog gunned it as fast as he could into the plane graveyard, with Iron Blizzard hot on his heals. after taking 4 damage last turn Iron Blizzard unleashed another withering volley, dealing another 3! Warthog desperately looks for the turn to get out of her line of fire.

Red Rocket makes the ramp, positioning himself perfectly to clear it, while Bad Boy comes up his rear and rams him, causing 1 damage, but misses with the machine guns. Hot Stuff moved forward, lining up next to Bad Boy and just missing the fences on the side of the course. He fails to roll a spin to align himself for the ramp however, so will have to pull a tricky maneuver to safely execute the jump. Warthog guns forward to escape Iron Blizzard, but rolls 2 hazards in the process! Iron Blizzard swings in behind and unloads those fearsome machine guns, but misses both her shots.

Red Rocket guns the engine and clears the jump, gaining the hazard point for attempting the maneuver but rolling enough shifts to clear 2. Bad Boy also guns it, but with so much speed that he clears the landing ramp and lands atop Red Rocket! Red Rocket suffers 2 damage, while Bad Boy gets away with only another hazard point. Hot Stuff thinks about aligning for the jump, but then guns the engine and plows through the barriers on the side of the course! He knocks down 3 barriers incurring a lot of hazard points, but uses some shift to clear the majority. Warthog races into the turn to escape Iron Blizzard, but positions facing the rear end of a plane! Iron blizzard guns forward, positioning for the turn.

Turns 5-9

Red Rocket makes the first gate with 4 hull points remaining, that he will now re-set to that checkpoint. Bad Boy just misses the fence as he turns in behind Red Rocket, but misses with his machine guns. Hot Stuff cannot turn in without hitting the gates stand, so instead T-bone’s Bad Boy as he slides in! Bad Boy suffers 2 damage but is spared from the machine guns, which rake Red Rocket instead, dealing another point of damage to the pin-cushioned car. Warthog desperately swerves to avoid the fuselage, just missing it, but realizes he is now lined up to impact the tires and plane on the far side of the track! Iron Blizzard races forward but badly miss-judges the distance, lining herself up to hit the planes tail!

Red Rocket turns to line up the straight throttling up into 5th gear to try to escape the two coming up behind. Bad Boy attempts to do the same, but hits the bollards on the side of the track, wipes out and goes slamming out of control straight into the stands! Hot Stuff turns through the gate, gunning after Red Rocket and taking him down to 1 hull remaining! Warthog slams straight into the plane, taking 5 damage and exploding in a massive fireball! Iron Blizzard fares better, able to throttle down before clipping the planes tail and taking 1 damage.

Red Rocket races down the straight, desperate to find the turn and get away from Hot Stuff, who guns down the straight after him but misses with both is shots! Bad Boy reverses quickly into the gates leg, crunching through the gears ready to get after the two in the lead. Iron Blizzard surges forward, managing to roll 3 spins to better line up a run for the gate. Warthog resets at the start line, moving to line up the jump this time.

Red Rocket just avoids colliding with the barricades as he turns at high speed through the corner. Hot Stuff is quickly on his heels however, spinning through the corner to gun him down! Red Rocket careens off and explodes against the barricades. Bad Boy veers back onto the track, shooting Hot Stuff for 1 damage. Iron Blizzard comes roaring up but misjudges again and corners straight into a cockpit, rolling 2 hazards in the process! Warthog lines himself up perfectly for the ramp.

Hot Stuff swings round the corner at high speed, rolling a spin to line up a straight shot through the 2nd gate to the loop the loop. He throws himself into 5th ready for the attempt. Red Rocket resets to the checkpoint, gunning straight ahead and shooting Bad Boy for the “accidents” on the ramp previously. Bad Boy swerves to avoid, lining himself up better on the straight. Iron Blizzard has to reverse to get herself out of the predicament she is in, allowing Warthog to gain the ramp and close the distance between the two.

Turns 10-14

Hot Stuff gives it everything its got, roaring forward through the gate and positioning himself for a run at the loop. Red Rocket surges ahead, drawing level with Bad Boy. He aims his pistol out the window, and with a cool final word takes Bad Boy out! Bad Boy immediately resets and guns down the straight, looking to catch up with Red Rocket, missing with his volley of machine gun fire. Iron Blizzard surges ahead again, but suffers a critical hit as Warthog makes the jump and lines up on her.

Hot Stuff guns it to the base of the loop the loop, situating himself in the best possible position to attempt the feat. Red Rocket slides around the corner, desperately trying to close the massive gap between the chasers and Hot Stuff. Bad Boy roars down the straight, causing another critical hit on Red Rocket with the machine guns. Warthog finally careens through the first gate, before being T-boned for 2 damage by Iron Blizzard, who also shoots him for good measure.

Hot Stuff whoops as he successfully navigates the loop the loop, gaining 3 hazard points for doing so but rolling 3 shifts and just clearing them! Red Rocket turns toward gate 2, starting to line up the loop for himself. Warthog corners through the gate way too fast, and does not roll any shifts with which to clear his hazards! he spins out, spinning into Bad Boy and ending up aimed straight into the center of Dreadrace Arena! Bad Boy takes the corner, gunning down Red Rocket. Iron Blizzard finally clears the gate and guns down Warthog while he is side on in the middle of the track.

Hot Stuff moves forward at full speed, and rolls a spin to perfectly align himself for the finish line (it seemed to be a theme with that blessed car). Red Rocket clears gate 2, realigning for the loop and slamming up into 5th to attempt it. Bad Boy comes sliding in behind, going sideways into the Ruined Fishing Boat in order to align himself for a run straight through gate 2. Iron Blizzard was finally able to open up the throttle down the straight as Warthog went roaring straight into the center and off road!

Hot Stuff clears the finish line as Red Rocket and Bad Boy line up the loop and Iron Blizzard roars round the corner. Warthog is left doing donuts off in the center of the arena.

Final Positioning

1st place: Hot Stuff
2nd Place: Red Rocket
3rd place: Bad Boy
4th place: Iron Blizzard
5th place: Warthog

What a race, filled with drama, laughter and triumphs! we all can’t wait for the second attempt, this time with more variety of vehicles…

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