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Flying Frigate


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The Flying Frigate is a fantasy ship conversion of the Frigate Mk2. It is only configured as a cannon version. Included in the .ZIP file are: separate deck layouts, interior fittings such as barrels and boxes, cannons, rigging clips and a mounting stand. The separate decks can be used to simulate movement within the ship.

For best results switch on ‘supports touching build-plate’, this will avoid the stringing under the hull.

To rig the frigate, check out the Rigging Guide. You will need dowel and black elastic string.

This product is part of the Full Regional License to Print (Monthly Payments) or Add-On The Lost Ships. Please log in if you backed the campaign.

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer. The files are set to 28mm scale but can be rescaled before printing.


Hoist the mainsail, fire the engines, and take to the skies.  Today we hunt dragons.


  • 8 October 2018 (version 1.1) Changeable figureheads of Neptune and Maiden added.
  • 18 October 2018 (version 1.2) Cannon Ports included.
  • 1 March 2019 (version 1.5) Interior deck has been updated to include stairs and cannon ports.
  • 18 March 2019 (version 1.6) Air-Ship-rig-separate-A and Air-Ship-rig-separate-B added to rigging folder.
  • 29 November 2019 (version 1.7) Adjustment made to the level of Frigate Interior front.
  • 12 March 2021 (version 2.0) Hull wood grain re-textured to prevent stringing.
  • 15 December 2022 (version 2.2) Boat wheel options added to allow a Whole wheel resin print or print a filament connection version to allow the wheel to move.


  • The whole air frigate has been included for those who wish to scale down.
  • Right-click on the image below and “Save As” to download the reference sheet for this pack.
  • Add supports touching build plates if you get too much stringing on the lower section of the hull or if using Cura select “make overhang printable”.
  • Product measurements can be found in the image gallery.

Reference sheet for Air Frigate

Flying Frigate STL

Reference Sheet for Small Printers

Flying Frigate STL

Reference sheet for Wings

Reference for Interior

Reference Sheet for Rigging


You will need 6mm (1/4 inch) and 4mm (3/16 inch) dowel for the masts and black elastic string for the rope. You may need to sand the ends of the dowel to go into the mast holes easily.

Reference sheet for Fittings


Additional information




Prints without Supports, Supports touching buildplate

Layer Height

.2 for Normal Quality .1 for High Quality (.2 Layer height is recommended)

18 questions for Flying Frigate

  1. joe

    Wow this is great! Just in time for an Eberron campaign. I will defiantly be purchasing this item this weekend. If you plan on doing versions of some of the other boats in a flying configuration I will be more than happy to purchase them as well. Any plans on making any other flying boats available?

    • Matt Barker

      Yes we will eventually end up with a whole fleet of these. From the Dhow to the Gallion. 🙂

  2. erik1978 (verified owner)

    Joe! Count the hours it takes you to print all the component for this massive ship! Just because we all want to know! I’m just printing some of the cannons right now. 😀

  3. Steven

    If I don’t permanently attach the “whole bottom” piece, or the stand, does the ship stand on a flat surface like the Frigate Mk2? It looks like it, but I want to make sure.

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Yes, the Flying frigate is designed like this so you can print the bottom half upside down completely flat and the top half normally completely flat.

  4. hardlec23

    Could this be armed with Tesla cannon for a Steampunk theme?

    More Seriously:
    Are there any provisions for ship’s boats?
    Is there a “solid” model for small scale?
    Are the decks suitable for use in an RPG? I will be using 15mm scale.
    I am buying this now.

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      In the Fittings folder you get crates, Barrells, rope, piles of sails, etc. These come standard with every ship,
      There is a 2 part solid model for printing in small scale. AirFrigate-Whole-Bottom-v1.3 and AirFrigate-Whole-v1.2
      The decks are suitable for RPG, they’re designed for gameplay rather than sticking to true ship dimensions.

  5. hop_tu (verified owner)

    What should I use/print for the rectangular plate connectors to connect the top to the bottom of the ship. I plan on keeping the top and bottoms non-glued to allow for removal of the top of the ship to use like its in water.

  6. alex.tweney (verified owner)

    Do I need to print supports with the top parts? My printer is having a hard time printing the supports but I printed all of the bottom parts without supports just fine.

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      We test printed the whole ship without supports.

  7. Blake Clevenger (verified owner)

    What is the recommended method of connecting the parts together? Specifically the tops a-c and the bottoms a-c. I see there are holes there and I’m guessing it is for a small piece of filament but I’m not sure.

  8. johnwfree313

    Do you have a rough timeline on when the next batch of flying ships will be released? I am looking forward to the Flying Dhow 🙂

  9. johnwfree313

    “Matt Barker – August 7, 2018

    Yes we will eventually end up with a whole fleet of these. From the Dhow to the Gallion. 🙂”

    Do you know when the flying dhow will be released?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      We will be looking at doing some as addons or bonus items in the next kickstarter.

  10. johnathan.compton78 (verified owner)

    What’s the best print settings for this? I see that .2mm layer height, but no supports? How about printing speeds for all the bridging happening?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      The notes under description and additional information contain the printing information.

  11. knakhai (verified owner)

    Hey all, I just purchased a copy of the AirFrigate, I was wondering though, are the different figureheads included in the print files, or was there some option I missed out on during checkout?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      There is a folder in the download zip called “Flying Frigate Changeable Figureheads”.

  12. knakhai (verified owner)

    Hello again.

    I was wondering if the mini whole ship model included plans for the mast and rigging as well?

    You’ll have to forgive my questions, I’m not very tech savvy..

    Thank you in advance.

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      There is a rigging diagram in the description below all the parts listings.

  13. knakhai (verified owner)

    Would there happen to be a guide video online somewhere about properly assembling the ship? Referring to the hull, not the rigging.

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      The last image in the gallery has a general assembly guide for the hull.

  14. railrdjeff (verified owner)

    I was just wondering if you have files for the bottom to be split up more for smaller resin printers? Down the middle of the 3 piece bottom would work. I can attempt to do it in my slicer, but I was curious if you might already have them.

    • Mike

      Hi railrdjeff,
      We don’t currently have the bottom pieces cut for smaller printers but will add it to be done soon.

  15. railrdjeff (verified owner)

    I forgot to ask about the middle wings. Having those sliced in half (a front half and back half so the overall model is not so long)?

  16. Anthony Tanner

    I Already have the Frigate MK2. Will the base fit with my current print so I don’t have to print 2 full ships?

    • Matt Barker

      HI, it’s a different base because it has different structures. I think we could make some ‘Flying Bases’ for those models though, that would be a great idea

  17. Anthony Tanner (verified owner)

    Have a flying base for each model would be great and might make you some money ;-). I’d buy it.

    • Mike

      Hi Anthony,

      I have some good news! They come with a flying base 🙂

  18. Dennis Palmkvist

    How long is the ship if you print it in 28mm scale from statue infront to the back of the ship?

    • Jo Boorer (verified owner)


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