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The Brig


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The Brig comes in two versions: ballista and cannon. Included in the .ZIP file are: separate deck layouts, interior fittings such as barrels and boxes, a removable ‘wake’ that simulates ship movement, cannons, ballista, and rigging clips. The separate decks can be used to simulate movement within the ship.

The brig is designed to be printed at .2 with supports switched off, while the fittings should be printed at .1.

To rig this model, check out the general Rigging Guide.

This product is part of the The Lost Ships. Please log in if you backed the campaign.

This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer.


Highly maneuverable and armed to the teeth, the sight of a brig near coastal waters is a sure sign of an imminent raid.



  • 17 May 2018 – Ballista version added.
  • 30 May 2018 (version 1.3) Scale of Brig Wheel adjusted.
  • 8 October 2018 (version 1.3) Changeable figureheads of Neptune and the Queen added.
  • 23 December 2020 (version 2.0) Hull wood grain re-textured to prevent stringing.
  • 5 October 2021 (version 2.1) Cannon ports have had a scale adjustment to allow for easier placement.


  • The Brig Interior Lower Deck has a three part option for small printers.
  • You will need 6mm (1/4”) and 4mm (3/16”) dowel for the masts, and black elastic string for the rope.
  • Right-click on the image below and “Save As” to download the reference sheet for this pack.
  • Product measurements can be found in the image gallery.
  • Add supports touching build plates if you get too much stringing on the lower section of the hull or if using Cura select “make overhang printable”.

Reference sheet for Small printers


You will need 6mm (1/4 inch) and 4mm (3/16 inch) dowel for the masts and black elastic string for the rope.

Reference sheet for The Brig Wake

Reference sheet for The Brig Interior

Reference Sheet for Ballista version

Reference Sheet for Fittings


Additional information




Prints without Supports, Supports touching buildplate

Layer Height

.2 for Normal Quality .1 for High Quality (.2 Layer height is recommended)

26 questions for The Brig

  1. Timothy Reese (verified owner)

    This is great! Are you planning to upload a ballista version, similar to The Sloop?

    • Jo Boorer

      Ballista version of the Brig just uploaded

  2. rock_marci (verified owner)

    how high are masts?

    • Jo Boorer

      There is a pic in The Brig gallery with mast measurements on it.

  3. Timothy Reese (verified owner)

    I know you’re all in a tidal wave of work to get the KS out the door, so I’ll leave this here. It’d be great to have a ballista version of the open hatch insert, where instead of a cannon it’s a ballista head.

  4. Jaime van Kessel (verified owner)

    Will there also be ballista versions of the board cannons / side ports?

    • Matt Barker

      For the side ports, we have the closed gun port available.

  5. Peter Santucci (verified owner)

    I printed a hull and it looks great. However, while planning the rigging; I did not see any rope hole under the figurehead or on the aft section. How best to attach?

    • Matt Barker

      I used a small steel pin to attach this, I was hesitant about making a hoop under their for the attachment it would have to be quite thick.

  6. Peter Santucci (verified owner)

    On the rigging diagram on the center mast the fitting marked Rig 5 is it actually supposed to be Rig 4?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Jo Boorer

      Thanks for pointing this out. This has now been corrected.

  7. Tim Manchester (verified owner)

    What is the part labelled “Brig Rig” for?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      The Brig Rig sits into the 2 small slots on the deck at the base of the mast.

  8. bvitry (verified owner)

    Unable to find the STL files for the “Brig” from Printable Scenery for the block and tackle to complete the rigging.

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      The block and tackle is included in the hull print.

  9. rolf.arne (verified owner)

    In the lower interior of the Brig there are two grate hatches that seems to lead down to an even lower level that is not modeled. What are these suppose to represent and is it possible to get a version of the interior without these two hatches?

    • Matt Barker

      I added those because they are the bilge access. a place for cannon balls and pig iron

  10. jleano1963

    The brig is similar to the Blood & Plunder brigantine. Only difference is the deck section sizes. B&P deck section sizes are about 4″ long, and the fore and aft decks are about the same size. This is done so roughly the same number of models can fit in each deck section. The brig has a very small fore deck section and can only fit about 6 models.

    Please consider making all deck sections roughly equal at about 4″ long.

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Thanks for the suggestion. It is something we maybe able to look at in the future, but it is a considerable amount of 3D design work.

  11. richard.lierman

    Are the board cannon swivels meant to be glued on?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Yes, the Swivel cannons are meant to be glued on.

  12. hit.steve13 (verified owner)

    Looking at elastic string on amazon now, what width do I go for? 2.5mm?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      Millinery elastic 1mm works the best.

  13. Luke Haley (verified owner)

    Hi. I bought 1/4″ and 3/16″ dowels, but they seem way off when trying to fit them.

    • Nicholas Jebson

      Hi there Luke, are they too big or too small.
      We have tended to find that not all dowels are created equally and often a bit of sanding is needed to make the pieces slot together properly (when they are too big).

  14. Luke Haley (verified owner)

    Metric dowels fit perfectly

  15. Luke Haley (verified owner)

    Hi, again. I’ve printed the brig. It’s all good with metric dowels and metric fittings – thank you. One issue I seem to have come across, please correct me if I’m wrong:

    The interior upper aft seems to not fit just right. It’s as narrow as the lower interior aft and is not long enough when I line up the cannon ports. I think it should be a little longer and wider, and it should have less of a taper moving backwards. It also looks like the stairs from the lower to upper do not lead through the hole, but instead behind it.


    • Nicholas Jebson

      Hey Luke, The interior sections are designed to be separate from the ship itself, since they are designed as a representation of the interior for use in your roleplay games rather than a direct reflection of the model itself.

  16. Luke Haley (verified owner)

    Any chance of a couple pictures of ships with sails?

  17. Jan Froschauer (verified owner)

    What is the difference between “Cannon-Port-closed” and “Cannon-Port-closed-MIR”?

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      MIR is short for mirrored, one is for one side and the other.

  18. Jan Froschauer (verified owner)

    Thank you for your fast response. Another Question: Where does the “Brig Hatch” part belong to? (I am printing the Ballista version)

    • Sam Campbell (verified owner)

      The Brig Hatch can be attached to the windows along the side a the back.

  19. Jeppe (verified owner)

    Hi guys, a quick question on masts. Is there an overview somewhere indicating which sections require 4mm dowels and which require 6mm? Thanks!

    • Nicholas Jebson

      We will have to update the rigging image as it is not clear. The only section that uses the 6mm dowls is the lower section of the main mast, everything else is using the 4mm dowl.

  20. Joshua Jones

    Can you give me an estimate of how long the largest print will take if you use 0.2 layer height with 50mm/s print speed

    I am reluctant to leave my printer print over night.

    • Mike

      Hi Joshua,

      I ran the different STLs through Cura with those settings to check for you.
      The whole ship would take over 24 hours. However, the small printer cuts will take around 14-15hrs to print each piece so you could feasibly print each one during the day.
      Hope that helps and happy printing 🙂

  21. arren.schlerf (verified owner)

    Is it best to print it standing up on the break of the ship or on the bottom as the ship will sit on the table?

    • Mike

      Hi Arren,

      We suggest printing it flat as it will sit on the table, if you wanted to try and print it on it’s side you could probably get away with it but flat would be better.

  22. Henrik Andersen (verified owner)

    Is there anywhere I can see total length and width of the lost ships? Going to use them for Blood and plunder, and would like to match them in size to the rulebook 🙂

    • Mike

      Hi Henrik,
      At the moment we don’t have a reference available other than for the individual pieces to ensure they print.

  23. Bob Watson (verified owner)

    I bought the Brig last year and printed it on a filament printer. I have now recently bought an Elegy Saturn S Resin printer. Is it possible to print this ship using resin and if possible, as a one piece print?

    Finally, last one. The rear two gun ports look really strange so close together… would it be possible to update the files and make placement more balanced along the gun line?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Jo Boorer (verified owner)

      Should be fine to print on your resin printer.
      Thanks for pointing out the gun port issue, will add this to our updates list.

  24. Bob Watson (verified owner)


    Jo Boorer (verified owner) – August 15, 2022

    Should be fine to print on your resin printer.
    Thanks for pointing out the gun port issue, will add this to our updates list

    Thats great and thank you. I will hold off printing and wait upon a an updated version… Hoping to have a 12 gun Brig to take on the Tortuga Pirates 😉

  25. ianfday

    can i print this on a resin printer?

    • Matt Barker

      I’ve seen a picture of this model printed on a resin printer. The main issue is weather or not it will fit on the print bed.

  26. Thomas Matthews (verified owner)

    The description says the models are set to 28mm scale by default, but when I print them as is, they are very very tiny. The cannons print smaller than a nickle. I haven’t changed anything.

    • Jo Boorer (verified owner)

      Can you please send pictures to [email protected].

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