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Halfling Treehouse 3d printable

Rise of the Halflings: The Tree House

As the warlock’s influence over the culture of the Halflings rose, The halflings still living in their traditional Hillock Homesteads looked to add additional height to their homes like the towers of those in the Warlocks Compound. Many Halflings still remembered the old Tree Houses built and maintained around the countryside to warn of incoming raids. They commissioned the Master Builder and Gardeners Guild to turn suitable trees growing on or near their homes into similar Tree Houses that the Halflings could use as studies or tea rooms, but were really just status symbols.

Though you can find many of these Tree Houses around Wollockshire today, few venture far enough from the town to look at the original houses standing vigil on the hills in the surrounding countryside. For the sake of tradition, the Gardeners Guild still maintain these old watchtowers even though the Barrel Riders no longer have any use for them, having a much greater vantage point from the back of their Barrel Bikes. Occasionally they are used by by the Dragon Handlers, though these are usually just for short rest stops on their patrols.

Below is a quick scenario that utalises the Halfling Tree House model from the Rise of the Halflings module. It can be dropped into any campaign as a random encounter (especially in areas with a large Halfling population), or as a starting point for those parties first entering Wollockshire to get a glimpse of the life of its inhabitants.

Here is the link to Download the Tree House.

Scenario: Encounter at the Halfling Tree House page 1

Scenario: Encounter at the Halfling Tree House page 2

these are draft scenarios for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final insert may differ from what is displayed here.

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