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Painting Rise of the Halflings: Gardener’s Guildhall

In this painting guide, we’ll be showing you how to paint the Halfling buildings from the Rise of the Halflings Kickstarter, using the Gardener’s Guildhall. This same process and technique has been the same across the other Halfling buildings like the Hillock Homestead, Forest Forts and Palace of the Druid, but it’s also suitable for any forested or green structures you might want to paint up.

In this guide, we’ll be using a mix of paint brands, including Citadel, Army Painter and Vallejo paints, of which you can find a complete list at the bottom of this article.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Step 1) Undercoat

After assembly, undercoat the entire model with Leather Brown spray. I also did a quick, watered-down coat of Leather Brown to ensure nowhere is missed and that it is nice and even.

Step 2) Basecoats

With our undercoat nice and even, we can begin base coating the different areas of the model. Unless noted otherwise, apply an even coat for this step. Sometimes it might require two coats to get an even finish, but it’s worth it!

Wood: Mournfang Brown

Tree Trunk: Oak Brown

Stucco/Light Brick: Khaki Brown

Stones & Bricks: Dungeon Grey

Bee Hives: XV-88

Bushes & Leave: Angel Green

Hillside: Stipple Crypt Wraith (leave some brown showing in between the mossy lumps)

Step 3) Highlights

With the basecoats down, you can begin to get a picture of how the building will look once it’s completed. Now it’s time to add some lighter colors.

Wood: Drybrush XV-88

Tree Trunk, Stone & Bricks: Drybrush Ash Grey

Bee Hives, Light Bricks & Stucco: Overbrush Skeleton Bone (like a heavy drybrush but tidier)

Chimney Top: Overbrush Doombull Brown

Hillside & Tops of Tree Branches: Stipple Commando Green

Step 4) The Wash

It’s time for some shading! We’re going to hit the entire piece with a dark brown wash. We made our own, of which you can find the recipe in this article.

If you prefer to use a premade wash, use Agrax Earthshade or Strong Tone.

Step 5) Build it back up!

Now that we’ve got shading it, we will build back some of those highlights we just washed down. It might seem like we’re just doing the same step again but doing a highlight before the wash and then again after gives you much more depth of color than if you had just basecoated, washed, then highlighted.

Stucco & Light Bricks: Overbrush Skeleton Bone

Wood: Drybrush XV-88

Stones & Bricks: Drybrush Stone Golem

Tree: Drybrush Ash Grey

Bushes & Leaves: Drybrush Greenskin

Hillside: Stipple Commando Green

Basecoat Flowers: Screamer Pink, Fenrisian Grey, Deathclaw Brown, Mephiston Red and Wild Rider Red

Step 6) Final Highlights

For our last step, we’re doing one more final highlight to make the areas of color pop!

Stucco & Light Brick: Drybrush Screaming Skull

Wood: Drybrush a 60/40 mix of XV-88 & Skeleton Bone

Bushes: Drybrush Goblin Green then Snake Scales

Chimney tops: Highlight with Fur Brown

Hillside: Stipple Witch Brew, and apply some watered-down Oak Brown in the deepest recesses.

Flowers: Highlight with Warlock Purple, Gorgon Hide, Phoenix Yellow, Wild Rider Red and Troll Slayer Orange. Do a second quick highlight by mixing in some Matt White with each of these.

Finally, basecoat the flat areas between floors with Mournfang Brown to tidy it up.

There you have it! Ready for the Halflings of the Gardener’s Guild to call home!

The three doors for this building were painted separately using the same method as the wood and then glued in afterward.

Paints Used:

Leather Brown Spray (Army Painter)

Leather Brown (Army Painter)

Crypt Wraith (Army Painter)

Mournfang Brown (Citadel)

Oak Brown (Army Painter)

Khaki Brown (Vallejo)

Dungeon Grey (Army Painter)

XV-88 (Citadel)

Angel Green (Army Painter)

Commando Green (Army Painter)

Skeleton Bone (Army Painter)

Ash Grey (Army Painter)

Doombull Brown (Citadel)

Dark Brown Wash (Make it using this guide)

Agrax Earthshade (Citadel, if not using home-made wash)

Stone Golem (Army Painter)

Greenskin (Army Painter)

Screamer Pink (Citadel)

Fenrisian Grey (Citadel)

Deathclaw Brown (Citadel)

Mephiston Red (Citadel)

Wild Rider Red (Citadel)

Screaming Skull (Citadel)

Witch Brew (Army Painter)

Goblin Green (Army Painter)

Snake Scales (Army Painter)

Fur Brown (Army Painter)

Gorgon Hide (Army Painter)

Warlock Purple (Army Painter)

Phoenix Yellow (Army Painter)

Matt White (Army Painter)

If you have any questions, feedback or comments, feel free to get in touch!

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