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Rise of the Halflings: Dragon Goads and Halfling Blunderbuss

The forces of the Great Warlock employ many weird and wonderful weapons developed from the same research that produced the archanical machinery employed within the Tower of the Navigator. One such is the Dragon Goad, a high-powered taser designed to shock the lesser wyverns, and every now and then the Great Wyrm himself, back into line. The fact that they also work wonders for pacifying rowdy civilians or rebellious outlaws, making them easy to bring back for punishment, is just an added bonus.

However, when the Great Warlock’s troops need to defend themselves to the death from creatures in the wilds, they turn to the Halfling Blunderbuss. Able to sweep an area clear of hostiles and then be quickly reloaded, in a pinch with rocks and scraps if the standard shot has been used up, the Blunderbuss forms the staple weapon for both the Dragon Handlers and the Barrel Riders.

Though these weapons are designed for use by the troopers of the Great Warlock like the Dragon Handlers and Barrel Riders, characters who are smart enough to take them down can loot the awesome devices from their bodies. Below you will find the rules for the two most common weapons in the arsenal, the Dragon Goad and the Halfling Blunderbuss.

Halfling Blunderbuss and Dragon Goad

these are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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