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Halfling Dragon Handler STL

Rise of the Halflings: Dragon Handler’s and Forest Wyvern

Dragon Handlers mounted atop a great Cliff Wyvern may look grand and be known to win a lass’s heart, but one must begin at the bottom and work their way up, Mucking out the cages helps familiarize the new recruit’s scent to the Wyverns. Armed with their trusty Dragon Goads, designed to pacify and guide the Wyverns, and a Halfling Blunderbuss for trickier situations; The Dragon Handlers form the main core of the Great Warlock’s forces.

After some months they may begin to help handle the Forest Wyverns, no easy task as these creatures are every bit as aggressive and snappy as their larger cousins. They act in a similar way to oversized parrots, and can even mimic voices and sentences spoken near them even though they don’t understand what it is they are saying. They have been trained by the Handlers to scout ahead of a patrol, and report back any odd noises they find.

Below you will find the rules for running the Dragon Handlers in your games of D&D 5e, whether as guards for your local Halfling population or the minions of a technologically superior big bad.

Here is the link to download the Dragon Handler.

Dragon Handlers

Forest Wyvern

Please note these are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and that the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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