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Painting Shadowfey: Ruined Church

The Ruined Church makes a great centerpiece for gaming tables in many systems. So to befit its standing as a building of importance we wanted to paint it in a different color scheme than the rest of the ruins, but still tie in with some similar elements.

The primary technique used is drybrushing, which you can find a video tutorial of here. We also have guides on painting the other Shadowfey Ruins.

Step 1) Painting the Sandstone walls: We began with an undercoat of Leather Brown Spray before drybrushing several layers: Desert Yellow, Banshee Brown, Skeleton Bone then Mummy Robes.

Step 2) With the beige stone done it’s time to move onto the rest of the model!

The next step is to basecoat the other areas of the model before drybrushing up their highlights. Basecoat the floor stone with Chaotic Red, the wooden beams in Oak Brown, the roof tiles in Doombull Brown, the metal doorframe in Gun Metal, and the Ivy in Angel Green (Army Painter).

You may find that some colors need two coats to get a solid base coat. It can be a pain but it’s well worth it!

Step 3) With all that basecoating done you’ve completed the hardest step!

Next we’re simply doing some more drybrushing to make those colors pop. For the Stone on the ground drybrush it with Hardened Carapace, the wood with Leather Brown. Drybrush the roof tiles with Scrag Brown, and the ivy with Greenskin. Wash the metal door trim with Nuln Oil.

Step 4) For the second layer of highlights on the ground floor drybrush Filthy Cape then Stone Golem, the wood with Khaki Brown, the roof tiles with Deathclaw Brown, and the ivy with Goblin Green then Witch Brew.

Step 5) With all the areas of color highlighted the church is looking great but is missing the signs of aging and ruin.

To achieve this get a trusty pot of Agrax Earthshade and apply it in random places across the model. In crevasses, corners, paint some drips coming down walls, stain roof tiles, discolor some ivy and have some fun with it!

Always begin with less, you can always add more as you see fit. Once you’re happy with the Agrax, do the same with Military Shader to add some green mold and decay.

And the ruined church is ready for the battlefield!

We hope you enjoyed reading through this guide and encourage you to give it a go yourself. If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch!

Paints Used:

Leather Brown Spray (AP)

Desert Yellow (AP)

Banshee Brown (AP)

Skeleton Bone (AP)

Mummy Robes (AP)

Chaotic Red (AP)

Hardened Carapace (AP)

Filthy Cape (AP)

Stone Golem (AP)

Oak Brown (AP)

Leather Brown (AP)

Khaki Brown (Vallejo)

Gun Metal (AP)

Nuln Oil (Citadel)

Doombull Brown (Citadel)

Skrag Brow (Citadel)

Deathclaw Brown (Citadel)

Angel Green (AP)

Greenskin (AP)

Goblin Green (AP)

Witch Brew (AP)

Agrax Earthshade (Citadel)

Military Shader (AP)

4 thoughts on “Painting Shadowfey: Ruined Church

  1. Hi, I am going to use this to paint my Ruined Church but Leather Brown is a lot darker then what you show. This looks to be more of a tan. Is this correct that it should be Leather Brown?

    1. Hi there,

      It was leather brown spray from the Army Painter range of sprays. It could be the exposure in the photo wasn’t adjusted so it looks brighter in the photo than in real life.
      Once the first few drybrushes is on there it will brighten up a bit.
      Always good to check though, thanks for asking!

    1. We began with the normal version but once it got low we took it to the hardware store and it colour matched into matte acrylic interior paint. If you were looking for a substitute the Zandri Dust from Citadel is a pretty close match

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