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Painting Shadowfey: Ruins

The dilapidated and haunted Shadowfey Ruins provide an excellent setting for horror themed encounters and games in ruined cities. This guide will help you achieve that look with a minimum of fuss so you can get gaming!

This guide uses the Squatter Townhouse as an example but it is the same method we used for all the other Shadowfey Ruins

A full list of colors is provided at the end of the guide. The primary techique being used is drybrushing which you can find a technique guide for here.

Step 1) Focusing on the Stone and Wood first we undercoated the model with Chaotic Red Spray. The wood was then basecoated with Oak Brown before being drybrushed with Leather Brown then Khaki Brown. The Stone was Drybrushed with Hardened Carapace then Filthy Cape. Off to a good start!

Step 2) Next we have the roof tiles and Wattle & Daub walls to paint. The Roof tiles are basecoated with Wolf Grey then drybrushed with Fog Grey. The Wattle & Daub is carefully drybrushed with Banshee Brown (use a small brush for this!), the Mummy Robes.

You might also notice some skulls amongst the rubble on the base! Give them a cheeky basecoat in Skeleton Bone (a fitting color choice!)

Step 3) That’s all the main areas of the building done! You could happily call it there and it would look great on the gaming table. However, if you feel like aging the building up heres a few points we did. Get creative though and try out some different effects!
Drybrush the occasional plank of wood with Troll Claws. Do some spot washes with Strong Tone and Green Tone; sometimes in crevasses, sometimes over whole bricks, pieces of wood or roof tiles. Have fun with it!
Add some mould with very watered down Mouldy Clothes in some crevasses and blotched around the place
Lastly drybrush some Matt Black in spots, where the building might have caught fire, particularly around the chimney. 

And with that our Ruins are ready for the tabletop! If you have any questions or queries comment below and we’ll be in touch!

Paints used:

Chaotic Red (The Army Painter)

Oak Brown (The Army Painter)

Leather Brown (The Army Painter)

Khaki Brown (Vallejo Color)

Hardened Carapace (The Army Painter)

Filthy Cape (The Army Painter)

Banshee Brown (The Army Painter)

Mummy Robes (The Army Painter)

Wolf Grey (The Army Painter)

Fog Grey (The Army Painter)

Skeleton Bone (The Army Painter)

Troll Claws (The Army Painter)

Strone Tone (The Army Painter)

Green Tone (The Army Painter)

Mouldy Clothes (The Army Painter)

Matt Black (The Army Painter)

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  1. Great guide! I’m using it for my terrain. I don’t think Army Painter makes a color named Khaki Brown though, FYI. At least, not anymore.

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