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Painting Shadowfey: Ruins

Follow these steps to paint up your very own Shadowfey Ruins in the same colour scheme as ours. We’ve used The Army Painter range of paints, at the bottom I will post a conversion to Citadel Colours for people wanting to use those. For this guide I’ll be painting the Squatter’s Townhouse however the same steps can be applied to any of the ruins found in Shadowfey.

Step 1) Undercoat chaotic red spray.

Step 2) Wood: basecoat with Oak Brown.  Walls: basecoat Oak Brown

Step 3) Stone: drybrush with Hardened Carapace. Wood: drybrush Leather Brown. Walls: drybrush Leather Brown.

Step 4) Stone: drybrush Filthy Cape. Walls & Wood: drybrush Khaki Brown.

Step 5) Walls: overbrush Banshee Brown. Roof tiles: basecoat Wolf Grey. Skulls: basecoat Khaki Brown.

Step 6) Walls: drybrush with Mummy Robes. Roof Tiles: drybrush with Fog Grey. Skulls: highlight with Skeleton Bone.

Step 7) Time to add some details to break it up. Spot drybrush some planks of wood with Troll Claws. I like to do the more ‘recent’ ones that look as if they’ve been hammered on.
Do some spot washes with Strong Tone and Green Tone; sometimes in crevasses, sometimes over whole bricks, pieces of wood or roof tiles. To your taste.
Add some mould with very watered down Mouldy Clothes in some crevasses and blotched around the place
Lastly drybrush some Matt Black in spots, particularly around the chimney. 

And with that our Ruins are ready for the tabletop! If you have any questions or queries comment below and we’ll be in touch!

Colour Conversions Army Painter to Citadel:

Chaotic Red: Doombull Brown

Oak Brown: Rhinox Hide

Leather Brown: Mournfang Brown

Khaki Brown: Zandri Dust

Hardened Carapace: Skavenblight Dinge

Filthy Cape: Administratum Grey

Banshee Brown: Rakarth Flesh

Mummy Robes: Pallid Wych Flesh

Wolf Grey: The Fang

Fog Grey: Fenrisian Grey

Skeleton Bone: Ushabti Bone

Troll Claws: Tau Light Ochre

Strone Tone: Agrax Earthshade

Green Tone: Biel Tan Green

Mouldy Clothes: Warboss Green

Matt Black: Abbadon Black

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