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Painting Shadowfey: Dragon’s Graveyard

All creatures perish and when the largest fall they leave a more spectacular grave than others. A mighty dragon deserves a mighty paint job!

Whilst you can drybrush the bones in this guide we’re going to be layering and highlighting it to give a crisper look. If you prefer the rougher, wilder look of drybrushing you can follow the same steps but drybrush instead of layering.

The rocks on the ground were painted the same as the stones of the Shadowfey Ruins guide.

Whilst the Dragon’s Graveyard set is twelve pieces for this guide we’ve focused on one, the head!

Step 1) Drybrush the earth with Dirt Splatter then Banshee Brown, trying to avoid getting brown on the stones. Then basecoat the bones with Leather Brown.

Step 2) Layer over the Leather Brown with Zandri Dust, leaving the Leather Brown in the deeper sections of the bones. Next do the same but with Morghast Bone, working progressively towards the raised areas of the model. Each lighter color we’ll work more towards the top most parts of the model, so you can see all your hard work in the layers beneath.

Highlight the Morghast Bone with Ushabti Bone then the appropriately named, Drake Tooth!

Step 3) Now the Dragon is all highlighted up we’re going to add some shading and aging to really make it stand out.

Water down some Seraphim Sepia and wash it in some of the recesses, aswell as the horns to differentiate them. Next apply some watered down Military Shader then Agrax Earthshade in some of the deepest spots and over the teeth to decay them (Dragon’s don’t brush their teeth after all!).

What an impressive piece for the battlefield! We hope you enjoy yours as much as we love our Dragon’s Graveyard!

If you’ve got any questions or queries get in touch!

Paints Used:

Chaotic Red Spray (AP)

Hardened Carapace (AP)

Filthy Cape (AP)

Spaceship Exterior (AP)

Dirt Splatter (AP)

Banshee Brown (AP)

Leather Brown (AP)

Zandri Dust (Citadel)

Morghast Bone (Citadel)

Ushabti Bone (Citadel)

Drake Tooth (AP)

Seraphim Sepia (Citadel)

Military Shader (AP)

Agrax Earthshade

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