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Painting Shadowfey: Wild Woods

Follow this guide to paint up your Shadowfey Wilds trees with a haunted, spooky look. This eerie look is achieved with brighter colors than you might think and is a great example of how you can get creative painting your scenery!

For this guide we’ve painted the The Witch’s Hovel using Citadel Color, The Army Painter and Vallejo Paints. The same color method was used for all the Contorted Trees you’ll see in the Shadowfey Wilds.

Step 1) Undercoat with Ultramarine Blue Spray

Step 2) Drybrush the wood with Xereus Purple

Step 3) Do a lighter drybrush of Khaki Brown

Step 4) Do an even lighter dybrush with Ushabti Bone

Step 5) Do a final, extra light drybrush with Arid Earth focusing on the most raised parts of the trunk and branches.

…And you’re done! Below is the finished paint job of the Witch’s Hovel. You can see when other colors are added (like the rocks and windows) it tones back some of the brightness of the undercoat, leaving you with just an impression of the blue and purple. For a guide on how to paint the stone and wood check out the Painting Shadowfey: Ruins guide.

As always any feedback and comments are always welcome!

Paints Used:

Ultramarines Blue Spray (Army Painter)

Xereus Purple (Citadel)

Khaki Brown (Vallejo)

Ushabti Bone (Citadel)

Arid Earth (Vallejo)

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