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3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec

New Excavations!

Another week has flown by revealing some great new ruins excavated in the New Eden jungle in a galaxy far, far away. Not only that, but previews of next weeks focus and some exciting updates in the works!

New This Week

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec

The Eden Central Ruins is a perfect piece of terrain to build a wargame table around. The height of the ruins is enough to hide most infantry behind while its highly detailed flat terrace makes a great clash-point for the battle lines of two armies. You can mount it on a base with lots of jungle scatter to take it to the next level.

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec

The Kronos Occulus Ruins is a location ideal for dueling. Its amphitheater looks like a gladiatorial arena with two champions squaring up, ringed by the pillars and watched over by the ancient statue, while a battle rages around its base.

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec

The Sacred Dias is a large, highly detailed piece perfect for blocking line of sight on a battlefield or being built into the center of a sacrificial complex. It also works great as a portal or gate in games of Age of Sigmar. It’d be great opportunity to see someone model it with troops stepping out from under its arch and marching down the steps. I’m working on a way to add it as a focal point in my current Dungeons & Dragons campaigns. The players are in a jungle so it wont be hard to try to sacrifice one of them on it!

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec OpenLOCK

Dungeon Master’s leading their players through Chult will rejoice for the OpenLOCK Pyramid! It has both internal and external walls, so you can either confine the dungeon to the upper floors of the pyramid or use them to make tunnels that descend into the darkness below. Who knows what lurks down there!

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec OpenLOCK

Tatooine Table

This week the Scenery Workshop blog focused on our Sci-Fi Adobe buildings, creating a desert village board. The speckling effect used to add texture to the buildings was so quick and easy to accomplish and gave the prints a great finish. If you haven’t already I would recommend checking it out.


This week we have been hard at work adding more choices to your sets. The Mortis Simulacrum has been expanded with some smaller scatter ruins. You will have seen some of these scatter pieces in the Studio Wargames Table blog combined with the Eden Scatter Ruins.

We are also currently working on an update to the fan-favourite Ships & boats sets. Some of the wood grain has overhangs in amongst the detailing, so we are working to updating this at the moment. We are testing samples to see which works best but here is a sneak peak at one of the print tests…

Coming Soon

Whats next you may ask? Next week will have a definite dusty feel, with a focus on the Wasteworld road warriors. Gasland players with a hankering for some radiation-fried chicken or bug burgers will love the upcoming Junkfood Franchise set. I’m not sure what mine is going to be called, but I will need to start working on billboard adds for it!

We also have a sneak peak at one of the pieces from the next Sanctuary-17 kit. Any guesses which one it will be? Here’s a hint, it’s bigger than we originally thought it would be!

Until next time!

Nick and the Printable Scenery team.

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