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New update to the Roads of Ruin

Games like Mordheim and Frostgrave have made the ruins of Shadowfey some of our most popular sets. From the ruined buildings to scatter terrain, the themed tables built with them have been incredible. Common among these builds, the Roads of Ruin have helped tie these ruined cities together. Now, after listening to customer feedback, you can create more flexible cities with the new free update for the Roads of Ruin set.

45-degree corners

Previously limited to 90-degree corners and intersections, the new 45-degree corners open up tons of new options for your city. There are two 45-degree corners in the set, one with straight edges and one with a damaged end.

Ruined to contiguous road sections

Transitioning the roads from a long, intact section to ruins was not always easy. Now with two new sections of flat-edged ruins, you can easily transition the roads between the two states. You can use them to create sections of ruins in a larger roadway or cap the end of a road.

Roads of Ruin to Forest Cart Track transition pieces

Though released in the same Kickstarter, the Roads of Ruin and Forest Cart Tracks never had a section linking the two together. Now two sections transitioning between them can be found in the set, either connecting to an intact road or a ruined road. In addition, we have added a transition piece to the Hagglethorn Pathways linking them and the Forest Cart Tracks.

Thanks to the inclusion of these new sections the combinations of streets and ruins have become almost limitless. These updates are a completely free expansion to the Roads of Ruin set. All you need to do is purchase or re-download the original files to access these brand-new sections. we will also place the relevant transition pieces in the Forest Cart Tracks and Hagglethorn Pathways for you to download.

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