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Merigold Tealeaf & Merigold’s Mercery

From patching the gardener’s guild work clothes to outfitting the stylish Warlocks, Merigold Tealeaf is the finest tailor in all of Wollockshire. Her skills are so sought after that she even has commissions from some of the Dwarven Lords in the Northern mountains which she sends off with the Bargemen ferrying trade between the allied ports. Such work has afforded her a state-of-the-art Garments stall which she had built by the Gaffers Guild in their great workshop. Rumors that she may be outfitting the Rebel rangers in the woods have not seemed to slow business. 

Merigold’s Mercery and its vivacious owner, Merigold Tealeaf, is a wonderful little wandering store that can be dropped into any town or city in your games of Dungeons & Dragons. She brings with her several unique items of apparel from Wollockshire, like the Halfling Cloak and Aircrew Hide Armor, as well as the option to customize an outfit for your players (as long as they don’t want shoes, which she refuses to make).

In Wollockshire Township, Merigold’s Mercery can be found in the town square alongside the Grateful Galipot and the Pine Piglet. Should you convince Merigold to join your side against the Warlocks, she is a valuable source of information from inside the walls as she is often invited in by the warlocks themselves for a fitting.

Here are the links to download Merigold Tealeaf and Merigold’s Mercery (Garment Merchants Stand).

Merigold Tealeaf & Merigold’s Mercery, page 1

Merigold Tealeaf & Merigold’s Mercery, page 2

These are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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