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Airship Crewmen & Bargemaster

As Wollockshires population grew, opportunities of employment were created for the eager youth of the city. The easiest occupation to get was that of Airship Crewmen, manning the great Archanical Sky Barges that ferry trade to the mountain city of the Dwarves. It’s not that it isn’t skilled work, far from it, but the natural fear of heights born into any ground dwelling Halfing left these crucial roles rather hard for the Warlock to fill. The life of an Airship Crewman is hard, with long days in cold conditions, but they are kept well fed and housed in comfortable barracks while home in town. what’s more, there is equal opportunities and ranks for both lads and lasses amongst the crews.

Bargemasters pilot the large Sky Barges as they fly between Wollockshire and the mountain cities. Toughest of the Halflings, these salty ferrymen are responsible for safe and intact delivery of small fortunes in Archanical fuel, Dwarven forged steel and masoned stone, as such they can be targets for the Sky pirates who trawl the Sky-ways on rout to the mountains. Bargemasters proudly show off their Archanical prosthetics as the trophies of battles fought and won with the nefarious sky-way men.

Perfectly at home in a setting like Eberron or flying a Spelljammer across the sky of Faerun, the Airship Crew and Bargemasters are great NPC’s for the party to play around during mid-air battles on board deck. In the setting of the Reign of Arcane they ply the sky-ways, ferrying the necessary supplies from the mountains to build the wondrous creations of the Great Warlock.

Here are the links to the Airship Crewman and Bargemaster.

Airship Crewmen & Bargemaster page 1

Airship Crewmen & Bargemaster page 2

These are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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