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Rise of the Halflings: The Great Warlock

Ever engaged in his endless studies of the draconic bile and its properties, the Great Warlock is a man of few words.
No Halfling knows from where he hailed or to where he travels to obtain his young apprentices. It was enough that he alone bound the Great Wyrm to his will and saved the last of the Halflings’ town from its devastation. The city he has helped rebuild is a metropolis of Arcane research, complementary of Halfling design in its roundness of roofs and windows, but far removed from the rustic peacefulness many still remember and miss.

to some, he is the savior of the Halfling race and a welcome guest. To others, he represents the death of their culture and an unwelcome occupation of their lands.

Below you will find the information required to run The Great Warlock in your games of Dungeons and Dragons 5e. He is the Authoritarian ruler of Wollockshire and the savior of the Halflings. The Great Warlock vary rarely leaves the Tower of the Navigator, but when he is roused to anger, he will prove to all how he was able to best a beast like that of the Great Wyrm and bend it to his will.

DM’s: When role-playing the Great Warlock, play him like a soft-spoken grandfather that has seen the bigger picture. The cosmic knowledge that his mental connection to the Great Wyrm bestows him leaves him aloof even from his apprentices, who cannot fathom how deep his knowledge now goes. He walks and speaks with gravitas, demanding respect with his mere presence rather than any form of intimidation.

Here is the link to download the Great Warlock.

The Great Warlock D&D 5e Profile Page 1

The Great Warlock D&D 5e profile page 2

Please note these are draft profiles for the Reign of Arcane: Rise of the Halflings module, and that the final profile may differ from what is displayed here.

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