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Testing the Flashforge Foto 8.9

In order to properly test our products for resin printing, we have needed to replace our older Form 2 with a more cost-effective and higher-quality printer. Enter our new resin test printer, the Flashforge Foto 8.9.

Our new printer, the Flashforge Foto 8.9

Upon unpacking the Foto 8.9 I was impressed by its design. Its components feel robust, and the resin vat and UV cover are designed so they are near impossible to misalign. Bed leveling is incredibly easy, and much like our other test printer, it was ready to go in less than half an hour.

It comes with practically every tool you need to get started, and some neat extras.

Our first print with the Foto turned out so well that you will have already seen it. The model of Hens Son, one of the Sentient Trees from the Hagglethorn Hollow terrain set, was used to test the printer’s large volume (192mm x 120mm x 200mm build volume). It came out so well that we painted and used it in the cover photo! Its speed and detail have been impressive, to say the least.

The first print

We have been using the Foto 8.9 for about a month now, and have struggled to find anything bad to say about it. It has proven to be a reliable printer with high-quality prints, able to do sizable models like the complete Tree Rex and Treeceratops on its large print bed. In our opinion , it would be a perfect first printer, with easy-to-follow setup instructions, fill markings on the resin vat, and nearly everything you would possibly need to get started (minus the resin and washing alcohol, of course).

It even came with filters for removing particles from your washing alcohol, allowing it to be re-used. I have never had a resin printer come with them before, and thoughtful things like these that make 3D printing for the first time so much easier.

Treeceratops printed in one piece on the Foto 8.9

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  1. Oooh awesome! Oddly enough I never figured these were safe to use on Resin printers for some reason, I’ll have to try some on my Elegoo Saturn from this campaign 👀

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