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Painting Hagglethorn Hollow: Ruined Wizarding District

The red tiled roofs of the Wizarding District make a striking scene and a great gaming table. This guide will show you how to achieve the same look as the studio models in 4 easy steps!

This model in this guide is the Ruined Hunters Lodge, however, the same guide applies to the Tavern, Guildhall, Tower, and Cottage, as well as their ruined counterparts.

A full list of colors is available at the bottom of this guide.

Undercoat: As with most of the Hagglethorn Hollow range we begin with a Leather Brown undercoat from the Army Painter.

When painting this model the two halves of it were left separate and glued together once we’d finished painting.

Step 1) Basecoats: The Roof Tiles are basecoated in Abomination Gore. The Bricks are painted in Zandri Dust and the Wattle & Daub is basecoated with Morghast Bone. Re-touch up the wood with Leather Brown where necessary.

Step 2) Wash: Cover the entire model in Soft Tone from Army Painter. Ensure you catch any build-up of wash or drips.

Step 3) Drybrush: To highlight, drybrush the wood with Zandri Dust, the Roof Tiles with Skrag Brown. The bricks were drybrushed with Morghast Bone and the Wattle & Daub was drybrushed with Skeleton Bone.

Step 4) Extras: To make the model pop just that little bit more, drybrush the bricks with Skeleton Bone and pick out the odd brick here and there by painting straight on with Skeleton Bone. Drybrush the Wattle & Daub with Screaming Skull. Finally wash the Roof Tiles, Bricks, and Wood with Soft Tone.

All finished ready for the gaming table!

We hope you enjoyed this guide. Don’t hesitate to leave us some feedback or post on our Forums if you have a suggestion for a model you’d like to see a guide for!

Color List:

Leather Brown Undercoat Spray (Army Painter)

Abomination Gore (Army Painter)

Zandri Dust (Citadel)

Morghast Bone (Citadel)

Leather Brown (Army Painter)

Soft Tone (Army Painter)

Skrag Brown (Citadel)

Skeleton Bone (Army Painter)

Screaming Skull (Citadel)

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