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Painting Hagglethorn Hollow: Tree Creatures

The fantastic Tree Creatures from the Hagglethorn Hollow are full of excellent details and character. It’s only fitting they receive a paint job that does them justice.

This scheme was based off the trees made by Johnny Frazer-Allen so that the creatures fit into the wandering woods. You could use this guide to paint up some trees of your own and even to paint the Sentient Trees with.

For this guide we’ll be using a mix of Citadel and Army Painter colors, the full list of which is at the bottom of this article.

Begin with an undercoat of Leather Brown

Step 1) Basecoat the whole model with Mournfang Brown. Once dry, wash the entire creature with Agrax Earthshade

Step 2) Drybrush up several layers. First Mournfang Brown, followed by Skrag Brown, Deathclaw Brown, Tau Light Ochre and finally Ushabti Bone. You’ll notice that with the last 3 steps we’ve only drybrushed the raised areas of the creature such as the shoulders and chest. Whilst not necessary, picking out the contours adds extra depth to the model. Once you get a feel for it, its actually really easy and makes the model pop!

Step 3) Pick out the underside of the fungus with Ushabti Bone and the tops with Deathclaw Brown. The moss patches were split between being basecoated with Caliban Green and Castellan Green.

The fungi were highlighted with Tau Light Ochre before a bit of watered-down Skrag Brown was put in the middle of each mushroom.

The Castellan Green Moss was drybrushed with Elysian Green, and the Caliban Green was drybrushed with Warboss Green before both parts were lightly drybrushed with Moot Green.

To finish off the Tree Creature his eyes were painted yellow and black and toes were picked out in Ushbati Bone then Screaming Skull

With our Tree Creature highlighted, shaded and with some extra details he’s ready for the battlefield!

For those wishing to do some extra stages we present the BONUS ROUND:

To add variation to the wood drybrush some random patches in Castellan Green and Mechanicus Standard Grey. The Green patches were then drybrushed in Nurgling Green and Ushbati Bone, whilst the Grey was drybrushed with Ash Grey then Ushabti Bone. To blend them back into the wood water-down some Mournfang Brown and brush it over lightly as a glaze. This will blend it back into the rest of the skin tone and look more natural.

With the bonus step done he’s ready for the table!

Paints used:

Leather Brown Spray Undercoat (Army Painter)

Mournfang Brown (Citadel)

Agrax Earthshade (Citadel)

Skrag Brown (Citadel)

Deathclaw Brown (Citadel)

Tau Light Ochre (Citadel)

Ushabti Bone (Citadel)

Caliban Green (Citadel)

Castellan Green (Citadel)

Elysian Green (Citadel)

Warboss Green (Citadel)

Moot Green (Citadel)

Matt Black (Army Painter)

Flash Gitz Yellow (Citadel)

Mechanicus Standard Grey (Citadel)

Nurgling Green (Citadel)

Ash Grey (Army Painter)

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