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Testing the Phrozon Sonic Mighty 4k

The Phrozon Sonic Mighty, ready to be tested

The Phrozon Sonic Mighty 4k arrived at our office last week. It’s our second resin printer for test printing along with the Form 2, the older resin test printer. We’ve printed mainly furniture in resin before the Shadowfey Kickstarter. As more people start printing in resin, we needed a second resin printer to keep up with print testing.

The instruction manual is very easy to follow

It was set up as soon as it arrived in the office. Configuring the printer was incredibly simple with well laid out instructions, and within 20 minutes it was ready to print. We used the new Ruined Guardian Statues from the Shadowfey Ruins for the test print.

The mighty in place next to the Form 2. It looks smaller but has a bigger printing volume

The first test was a success! The Sonic Mighty finished the job quicker than the Form 2. In a side-by-side comparison the model had crisper detail. One statue detached from the supports, though this was user error on my part. Cleaning up the detached statue was quick and easy, so the Mighty was ready to print again in no time.

The ruined Guardian Statues in the slicer ready to go.
The test was of the Ruined Guardian Statues was a success!
comparison shot of the ruined warrior statue with the Mighty print next to the Form 2

The Sonic Mighty has a large print volume of 200mm x 125mm by 220mm. A Contorted Tree from the Shadowfey Wilds was selected to test this size. A full-sized tree is usually too big to be printed in resin and must be done in segments when FDM printing. The job was completed in only 18 hours, far quicker than it would have taken on an FDM printer for a full-sized tree. After a clean in alcohol and a spin in Phrozon’s Luna Cure UV curing booth the tree was ready to detach from the supports.

The Contorted Tree on the build plate, perfect for testing the print volume.
The tree complete, having used most of the build volume
We gave it a spin in the UV curing booth.

To say we are happy with our new printer is an understatement. The Sonic Mighty will be our workhorse printer going forward. Its easier to use and maintain than the Form 2, has a larger print volume and prints faster.

Some of the models we printed on the Sonic Mighty this week, with a Mantic 28mm miniature for scale.

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