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Painting Shadowfey: Blood Trees

Follow this guide to paint your gruesome Blood Trees the same way as ours!

We’ve painted ours using a mix of Citadel Colours and The Army Painter colour range.

Step 1) Undercoat with Chaotic Red Spray.

Step 2) Drybrush with Leather Brown, then a lighter drybrush of Zhandri Dust.

Step 3) Drybrush with Rakarth Flesh

Step 4) Basecoat the flesh of the bodies with Cadian Fleshtone, and the Bones with Ushabti Bone. If unsure whether to paint it bones or skin I just changed it around the model to give a good balance between the two tones.

Step 5) Wash the Bodies and Bones with Athonian Camoshade to give them a dried up, rotten look.

Step 6) Highlight the flesh with Kislev Flesh and highlight the Bones with Screaming Skull.

Step 7) Using a 70/30 mix of Blood For the Blood God and Flesh Tearers Red, apply blood to the crevasses of the Tree Trunks and anywhere else you feel is appropriate. I wanted the trees to look like theyve sucked all the blood out of the corpses and are bulging full of blood with it seeping out. Remember you can always add more but you cant take it off once its on!

We hope you enjoyed this guide and feel inspired to give it a go yourself!

Any feedback is always welcome

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