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3d Printable sci-fi 40k infinity Moonbase furniture

Sanctuary Re-Supply

Welcome back everyone for your weekly dose of office gossip, grab yourself a cup of water from the cooler, adopt a casual wall-lean and lets see what new awesomeness has arrived this week!

New this week

3d Printable sci-fi 40k infinity Moonbase furniture
Re-supplies inbound for the base.

The Cargo Lander has touched down to re-supply Sanctuary-17. It comes with a playable interior, removable blast-window, sliding doors and even articulating landing thrusters! Using a ball socket that allows the thrusters to rotate all the way through 90 degrees to the side and roughly 30 degrees forward to back!

3d Printable sci-fi 40k infinity Moonbase furniture
“well, that’s going to take a bit of fixing!”

Luckily if there is an accident with the Cargo Lander the base is now fully equipped to handle the casualties in the new Medical Facility Expansion. It combines both wall and furniture sets in one kit, allowing you to fully equip a room without being restricted to individual floor tile. Printing the Cryo-Pod doors in a transparent filament is highly recommended. It will allow you to see the awesome detail inside the pods, or maybe even something alien gestating inside!

3d Printable sci-fi 40k infinity Moonbase
would love to do some jumps off the sides of those craters in the moon buggy

The Lunar Craters help fill out the barren moonscape around the base. They work so well for so many different systems, representing shell craters in 40K or Bolt Action or filled with lava or water for use on a fantasy battlefield or Dungeons & Dragons map.

Clorehaven Update

3d printed Openlock Clorehaven dungeons and dragons
For all those wanting to give 3D printing (or D&D) a go

For those looking to expand their Dungeons & Dragons scenery but are hesitant to buy before you try, rejoice! We have just released a trial pack for our incredibly popular Clorehaven town building sets. It contains modular walls, windows, floors, doors and roofs to test out. It will allow you to build a couple of small dwellings, helping you get a feel for our OpenLOCK buildings, before expanding your collection further.

Wargaming Table Builds

Also this week was the launch of our second table build, this time a Tribal Fort diorama. I had an absolute blast putting this table together, creating a story behind its ruined walls and tilled fields. We have played several games on it here in the office and they have all been incredibly close. The walls are great for blocking line of sight and create choke points perfect for my infantry to defend while my cavalry works their way around the flank.

Coming Soon

3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec OpenLOCK
3d printed Serpahon Lizardmen Mayan Aztec OpenLOCK

Next week is going to be a big one for New Eden, with the much anticipated release of the OpenLOCK Pyramid alongside an easy to follow painting guide. I can’t wait to drop this on my Dungeons & Dragons players, few things beat a temple crawl!

Nick and the team at Printable Scenery

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