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3d Printed Gaslands Fallout Post-Apocalypse

U.F.O. Sighted!

Well that week went quickly! I’m not sure if it’s to do with this U.F.O. that have been spotted in the sky nearby or we have just been that busy, but it does mean another weekly round-up is here. This week we have new models for Wasteworld, as well as updates to some of our older sets.

New This Week

3d Printed Gaslands Fallout Post-Apocalypse
“We come in pieces”

A new threat has arrived to make a massive impact on the Wasteworld, with the Crashed U.F.O now available to print as an iconic piece for post apocalypse games! We have already started playing around with scenarios in Fallout: Wasteland Warfare, with it making up the central objective. I hope to claim the Alien Blaster Pistol as spoils of war for my raider boss soon!

3d Printed Gaslands Fallout Post-Apocalypse
Delivery for, ahhh, Cohen the Crusher?

The Junkfort has been made slightly more secure with the addition of a new gate! The Junkfort Foot Entrance is designed to allow access through the outer barricades, so you will no longer need to leave gaps for enemies to infiltrate the camp through. It also handily acts as an easily defended choke-point! It sports a removable roof, allowing you to maneuver (or hide) your miniatures inside during your games, as well as paint the internal details with ease.


We are constantly working to update and improve our older sets while bringing you new and amazing pieces, and this week we’ve updated a few sets. There is an entirely new piece to the Operations Base Module, an inner corner and roof section to allow you to come up with even more creative layouts for the base!

3d printable sci-fi moon base

Coming Soon

We are going to leave you with a sneak peak of whats about to hit the web-store week. Until next time, stay safe and keep those printers singing!

Nick and the Team at Printable Scenery

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