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OpenLOCK Open Source

As you may have already seen, OpenLOCK is our interconnecting tile technology upon which our upcoming Rampage System is based. This new system allows for tiles to connect and tessellate seamlessly, and allows for cross-compatibility.

We are releasing the OpenLOCK tile set as Creative Commons Public License . This is with the intention of providing a system of tile bases which are cross-compatible with other scenery while proving to be a convenient platform for community use. This means that you can use OpenLOCK to create your own tiles, then distribute them under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial CC BY-NC.

Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International Public License

Please attribute when posting your versions of the tiles online

NOTE: Only the ‘OpenLOCK System’ files  are released under creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial  CC BY-N. All other files from are protected under Copyright and Intellectual Property law.

We already have some members of the community creating their own tile sets. Masterwork Tools have recently released their OpenForge tiles, which now use the OpenLOCK bases, which you can check out here.

You are fine to distribute OpenLOCK tiles for free. If you want to sell tiles you have made then please be sure to get in touch with us first:



4 thoughts on “OpenLOCK Open Source

  1. Question about the system. When printing a floor piece, it has a front row of many vertical supports, and then a second row behind of less, and off-centered, verticals.

    When using the system, are you meant to cut out the first row, and use the second row as the “housing” for the actual open-lock clips?

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