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The Frigate


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The Frigate has been updated with new cuts that allow it to be easily printed in parts on a conventional 3D printer bed.

There is a legacy version of the ship which includes a smaller solid version of the ship so you can scale down to 10mm.

Please look closely at the parts of this model and decide if your printer will need supports. The rigging pieces with larger holes will need to be printed at 33%.


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This product is delivered as a .ZIP file pack containing STL files for use on a home 3D Printer.


With the prow cutting through the waves like a hot knife through butter, the frigate was a dominating presence on the seas.



  • (version 5.1) Small interior deck piece ‘Printable-Ship-deck-back-A-v4’ has been scaled to match.
  • (version 5.2) Fixed scaling on deck.
  • (version 5.3) Deck piece Ship-deck-back-B-v2 now in both folders.
  • 29 June 2017 (version 5.4) Small mesh repairs to Ship-big-back-v1.0, Printable-Ship-deck-middle-A-v1.0, Ship-canon-A-v1.0, Ship-canon-B-v1.0, Ship-wheel-A-v1.0, Ship-wheel-B-v1.0.
  • 2nd March 2018 (version 5.5) Ship-big-front-v1.1 part placed to Zero origin.
  • 24 September 2018 (version 6.0) Updated Frigate to include to an easy to print version. Requires 6’X6′ print bed.
  • 11 October 2018 (version 6.1) Block and Tackle added for customers who have printed the original version.
  • 12 October 2018 (version 6.2) Now includes the Mk2 version of the Decks and Wake for customers who have requested this.


  • This model is suitable for those who have some 3D printing experience. If you are new to 3D Printing you should print some of our other models first. Print with 20% infill at .2 micron.
  • There are 3 options. These are located in 3 separate folders within the zip file.
  1. Large parts. This requires a 145 high and 120 wide print area.
  2. Small parts. These are to be printed on a 100mm print bed.
  3. Solid option. This will print as a solid object and requires supports touching build plate.
  •  Ship-Big-Deck-middle.stl is 200mm wide so you can print the small options printable-ship-deck-middle-A, B, C, D instead.
  •  Please ask questions. [email protected] if you get stuck and I will also update these notes.
  • The small solid option is simple to print and prints as a standalone model.
  • The deck sections are curved and will need supports.
  • Most of this model will print without supports. The bow section and some of the ‘options’ are the only parts that require, Supports Touching Build plate.
  • I recommend you check each piece and look to see if you need supports, this often depends on your printer settings.  A slow print speed will cause stringing and will need supports. The decks need supports but the underside is not visible when it’s assembled, the support material remains can’t be seen. Also, under the bow needs supports if you print at a slow speed.
  • Right-click on the image below and “Save As” to download the reference sheet for this pack.
  • Product measurements can be found in the image gallery.




Small version Reference


Additional information



Layer Height

.2mm For Large parts and .1mm for small parts


Requires supports on some files


Dimensions and weights are available in the image gallery

32 questions for The Frigate

  1. Matthew Barker

    Please feel free to ask any questions here

  2. Jeffrey Volckaert (verified owner)

    I just noticed that “Ship-big-deck-front” is on an angle. I didn’t notice this until after my second attempt to print it. Am I supposed to print this will supports?

    • Matthew Barker

      Yes, the deck requires supports as it has a curve in it to make it more ship like (This is in the notes) 🙂

  3. Jason Winter (verified owner)

    Have a few comments/questions. Are there any assembly instructions for this model? I’ve managed for the most part to assemble it, but there was one piece I was never able to figure out what it was for (A small tab). Also, what sized dowels should you use for the masts? I can tell you need two different sizes, but what size are they? Also how long should they be? Also in the photos it shows the mast going out the front has having some extra parts on it (rings around the dowel), but I don’t see any files for these parts.

    Also a suggestion. The two grates on the deck should really be a bit bigger. They are just a millimeter or two larger than the hole they cover, so if you even lightly bump the model they either fall down into the hole or you end up with a large gap on one or more edges. Even better would be some sort of rim so they can’t slide around. I ended up gluing them down to the deck because they were too frustrating to use otherwise.

    • Matthew Barker

      I used 8mm dowel for the mast and 4mm for the bowsprit. The fore-mast I made 340mm high, the main mast 410mm and the mizzen (aft-mast) 300mm.

      I made a basic rig using wax string and tied all the knots is clove hitches. That’s what may look like the rings around the dowel. On the 3d Render, it shows a bow sprite with rings but this is not in the file pack as it’s supposed to be dowel

      Yes, I glued the deck grates in also. I could look at altering this hatch to make it clip in.

  4. Keith Hershey Jr (verified owner)

    Ship Deck back a V2 appears off scale compared to the rest of the files.

    • Matthew Barker

      Ah, yes it is tiny, ill fix that now

  5. Mark Woodside

    What are the dimensions of the printed ship? I’ve been wanting to build a table with a canal and would like to put the frigate in there (with plankways) to act as a bridge.

    • Matthew Barker

      Hi You can scale it down and there are options to print the whole solid model. However the parts are at 28mm scale which make the ship 40cm long and 16cm wide when finished

  6. logan (verified owner)

    I am currently making my first print of the ship and I am finding that some of the posts on the rails are breaking off while printing. Rail still prints fine but some of the posts crack off. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Here are my print settings using FlashPrint on a FlashForge creator pro:
    Plastic is ABS
    Resolution = standard
    Fill density = 40% Hexgon
    layer height = .18mm
    First layer = .27mm
    Print Speed = 60mm/s
    Travel speed = 100mm/s
    Extruder Temp = 220c
    Platform = 105c
    Note I am also seeing this on some of my supports. They get to a certain length and they break off if they are not running along the side of the ship.

    • Matthew Barker

      Sounds like the extruder is knocking over the parts. You can see if its hitting the print as it travels

      This could be because:
      1. The print bed might not be level
      2. You have the Z set too low
      3. Fault in the XYZ axis causing misalignment

      Also, set the Fill to 10%

  7. Scott Thrower (verified owner)

    In a comment above, you say to set the fill to 10%, but in the instructions you say 20%. Can I get away with 10?

    • Matthew Barker

      Yes, I printed a version at 10%, the issue is that the handrails may break during printing if your printer is not perfectly aligned.

  8. Matthew Barker

    5.2 Update – The deck piece Printable-ship-deck-back-a-v2.stl is now scaled corectly

  9. James (verified owner)

    How do we access the updated stl for the ship-deck-back-a-v2.stl, I downloaded the pack zip again from my account and still have the Frigate 5.1 model, does the download link not default to the latest version of purchased models?

    • Matthew Barker

      5.2 is be available in your download section… My account–Downloads

  10. James (verified owner)

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for the update, a heads up for anyone looking for the correctly scaled part, only the small print bed part has been corrected, the stl in the Large Print Bed folder is still tiny.

  11. Scott Sysol (verified owner)


    Do you think you can post a few pictures of how you did the masts and rigging for the ship? I found one on your Instragram account, but its not a full image.

    I have the ship fully printed and assembled now. Its ready to paint and put the masts/rigging on. I’ve never done model ships so I am a little lost on how to go about that part.

    Maybe a few additional instructions would help as well. For example, did you drill holes into the places where you fed the rigging through on the sides of the ship?


    • Matthew Barker

      The Masts are made with dowel cut to lengths, the lengths are not important so just cut them to whatever looks right.

      I drilled holes in the side stay supports, big enough to fit the string. 3 in each of the large side stay supports and 2 in each of the small stay supports, I drilled two holes in the back cocpit and 1 hole under the bow. I rigged the ship by starting with the forestay and backstays. one the rig was tight I then did the backstays. I used string but wax modelling rope would be better.

      I’m going to print another one and will make a tutorial then on how to rig the ship.

  12. Robert Koncz (verified owner)


    I’Ve downloaded the 5.2 version, but in the zip file the back deck A is still small… (684 bytes)


    • Matthew Barker

      Hi Robert, The files is in the small parts folder it’s the same file, I updated it now so it’s in the correct folder, please download update 5.3

  13. ingvarsson_tomas

    Hi, amazing model,
    is it printable on a 14*14*14cm bed?
    (Flashforge finder)

    • Matthew Barker

      Yes, there is two cut versions of the model. One is the cut into big parts and one is cut into smaller parts. The parts in the small part version are 100 x 100 x 100mm. there are 27 small parts, It will take some commitment to print and glue all these smaller parts.

  14. Peter (verified owner)

    I notice the models have holes for alignment pins, what are you using for pins?

    • Matthew Barker

      I’m using small pieces of 1.75 filament

  15. Ernie Prescott

    Hi Matt

    If I want a longer ship than the current 40CM, is this modular enough for me to print multiple copies of the middle parts to extend the length?Will this work?

    • Matthew Barker

      The ship is not modular. This is because the ship hull has a curve that makes it ‘ship like’.

  16. Jeffrey Volckaert (verified owner)

    I really like this model. I’ve made two so far. If you do any updates, could I suggest a D-shaped Fighting Top to replace the nest? Also, an updated base with pin-rails (even a simple one just to tie rigging down) would be useful.

    • Matt Barker

      That’s a great idea.I’ll add it to the update list

  17. Christian Olesen (verified owner)

    Currently printing it.

    How did you paint it? 🙂

    • Matt Barker

      I sprayed it black and then dry brushed dark brown and then light brown

  18. Christian Olesen (verified owner)


    I’m basically done and cant seem to find the back deck that goes in the cabin (so the lower deck). Am i missing something, or do i need to scale the upper back deck down to fit size?

    • Matt Barker

      the lower deck part is ‘Printable-Ship-deck-back-A-v4’ and is in the Large Print bed parts folder

  19. drac

    Did anyone try to print one and how does it compare to the Blood and Plunder Frigate (in terms of game rules as well as size)?

    • Matt Barker

      I’ve seen quite a few printed. The Blood and Plunder Frigate has 12 side-facing Guns and2 chase guns. This Frigate has 20 Guns with no chase guns. I’m going to make a modified version to match the Blood and Plunder frigate this week.

  20. Dan Dinolfo

    Like Drac, I’m looking for a ship for Blood and Plunder. For the modified version you’re working on, will that be part of this file, or a separate download/purchase?

    • Matt Barker

      Yes it will be an update for this item so will be included in the purchase, we have it on the to-do list

  21. Fons (verified owner)

    I’m printing the frigate right now and I must say I’m really impressed with the quality of the design. Well done Matt !
    Are there any more ships in the pipeline? It would be great to have a sloop, a brig or a merchantman to go with the frigate. Keep up the good work and thanks for this brillianty designed frigate.

    • Matt Barker

      Yes we will be making some more ships and a pirate town next year

  22. johnwfree313

    Is there an assembly video? I don’t trust my engineering skills 🙂

    • Matt Barker

      Not yet, but I’ll make one soon. we are also working on an update for this model to make it easier to put together. It will be a free update

  23. mibetalis

    I started scanning questions, and figured I’d just ask. I’m new to 3d printing, so bare with me here… Is this ship in small printable sections, so the monoprice mini could print it?

    • Matt Barker

      Yes, there is an option to print the ship in small sections, you will need a 100 x 100 x 100 print bed to print them

  24. battlewear

    I am really happy to hear that the small sections will print on a 100 x 100 x 100, I just ordered an Kodama Obsidian (with build plate that size)..
    I am looking to order this, but not for a sailing ship but to convert it to a air ship. Any chance you might make some modification options to replace the mast mounts with “engines” or a “Fire” spot or such?

    Its a bit bigger than I was really aiming for, but that just makes it that much more epic at the table right? 😉

    Using it for my players in DnD Storm Kings Thunder..

  25. beemer127 (verified owner)

    Any chance we can get a slight impression of a 1-inch grid on the deck surfaces for gaming? I’ve always found it a little annoying to have to measure or guess distances a character can move…it’s the main reason why I don’t buy a lot of terrains, actually…

    • Matt Barker

      It’s difficult to mark out things like the ship in 1-inch squares because the surface is so irregular. We use an inch scale tape measure for things like ships of complex scenery setups. It’s easy once you get used to it and it makes movement range and area effect more versatile.

  26. Scott Nash (verified owner)

    Any chance you will add below deck plans for this model and a “wake”, like you are doing with the new ships? That would be fantastic. Thanks.

    • Matt Barker

      yes, we will include a copy of the ‘Deck Plans’ and ‘Wake’ from Frigate MK2 into this file Pack. It is a similar shape and layout.

  27. bruce_cunnington (verified owner)

    Loving the model, but would it be possible to create a seperate stl for the ropes that the rigging attaches to in the current version? I’ve printed an earlier version and would rather not drill the model to take the rigging.

    • Jo Boorer

      Block and Tackle has now been added for customers who have printed the original version.

  28. Michael Barnhart (verified owner)

    Is the wake and deck plans still going to make it into this to download? Version 6 does not have the Wake in it.

    • Jo Boorer

      We currently don’t have plans to make a wake for this boat at the moment.

  29. Michael Barnhart (verified owner)

    Jo Boorer – the reason I asked is because Matt Barker said, on May 12, 2018:

    “yes, we will include a copy of the ‘Deck Plans’ and ‘Wake’ from Frigate MK2 into this file Pack. It is a similar shape and layout.”

    Thank you for letting me know he was not correct in his post.

    • Jo Boorer

      I have now added the Wake and Decks from the Mk2 Frigate to The Frigate as Matt promised. I had thought your request was for us to make new ones for Frigate. Sorry for the confusion.

  30. Michael Barnhart (verified owner)

    Not a problem, the Intertubes are confusion creation zones., Thanks! 🙂

  31. James Gordon (verified owner)

    Hi Matt,
    Could you include on the main page for each ship the mast measurements so they are easier to find? I found them on the Q&A but some may not search that much. Also could you list the lengths of the bowsprits too? This way we can hit a hardware store and pick up everything we need in one go and create the completed ship. Thanks.

  32. matthew Lucero (verified owner)

    I printed this and it looks amazing. I just don’t know where or how to make the masts or the sails. Is it ever going to be included in the print file or do i just need to get creative?

    • Jo Boorer

      The Frigate uses an 8mm dowel for the masts.
      For the sails, you could use lightweight material or tissue paper soaked in PVA glue.

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